Monday, August 2, 2010

Jane: I have a question. Are you and Brad P going out?
Me: No.
Jane: Why? I think you should.
Me: Why?
Jane: Because you guys look so cute together.
Me: (Polite smile)
Jane: Why aren't you together?
Me: Because I already have a boyfriend.
Jane: But not here, right?
Me: He's far.
Jane: Well, maybe you should dump your boyfriend. Oh, my God, that is so mean for me to say! But, I think you should. (Laughs)
Me: (Laughs)
Jane: Seriously, you guys would be perfect together.
Me: Maybe, we are two individually, separately cute people.
Jane: True. But you guys are cuter when together. You know, sometimes, two cute people, when together, they turn up wrong!

Brad P? Nah...

Vivien: Leo ajak keluar. He and his girlfriend. Let's meet up.
Me: Jom.
Vivien: Ajak Tom C jugak tau.
Me: Okay. (A moment later) I dah text Tom C, he said, he'll confirm tonight. Kalau takde hal, he'll join.
Vivien: Nak jumpa dekat mana? And ajak Brad P sekali.
Me: He can't. Ada hal.

After a few minutes.

Vivien: Ectopy...How about kita jumpa lain kali? Since tonight tak ramai orang boleh datang?
Me: Okay.

Me: Abang! Vivien tu suka dekat Brad P lah! Bila Brad P tak dapat datang, she cancelled our meet-up!
Boyfriend: Biarlah. Asalkan Brad P tu tak suka dekat you...
Me: Tapi I rasa Vivien tu gunakan I lah...

Thank God there is no more jealousy in me.
I have accepted and if they are meant to be together, I don't mind.
Yeay to this!


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Sue@Iza said... he's the 'abang' already in ur blog. *clap*clap*clap*

so weet.