Monday, September 7, 2009

the clients

I love my clients.

They are the ones who make my day when I'm at work. I get to meet all kinds of attitudes, and when I see the kind I like, it melts my heart.

Like this elderly man in his sixties, with both lower limbs amputated, but still kissing his wife and say, "I love you" to each other.

Like this mother whose son an injecting drug addict and I've heard her being shouted at by her son, but she is still there, caring and nursing him.

Like this man who is so lively, cheerful, fresh and funny whenever I meet him.

I like working with the poor, no matter what race they are, we are all the same.

My dear, dear clients. I wish to let them know how they have helped me go through the dog days at work, how significant they actually are in this world, at least to me...

Before I started this, I knew what was I getting myself into. But, it was too late to back out. So, I repeatedly told myself that whenever something bad happens, whenever I get a scolding, I am going to ignore and laugh. Laugh like nobody business. Laugh until I annoy the scolder.

Do I do it now? I do, but I do it in my heart. I have to hide the inappropriateness of sudden laugh before I get sacked for having a psychiatry condition.

And it helps a lot. Sometimes, after a round of scoldings, I'd sit down and I'd be on the verge of breaking down, but I'd be reminded about the resolution I made before I accepted this job.

I'd laugh inside my head, picturing how it would turn out be if I truly laugh during the event.

I'd be smiling foolishly after I'm snapped out from my imagination. Haha.

My latest amusement at work is- my secret admirer.

I was told by my friend that somebody fancies me, but he was too afraid to strike up a conversation.
Cute eh?
"Dia cakap you ni sexy..." said my friend.
"Huh? Sexy? Pakai baju kerja pun sexy ke? Hahaha."

Told the boyfriend about this and I asked him to spread this among his friends.


"So your friends would know that you have a hot girlfriend. I'm still sizzling hot in the market! Hahaha!"

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