Friday, July 17, 2009


As you know, I'm a little bit obsessed when people compliment me on my looks. I can't tell people about it, of course, to avoid being called perasan, vain and/ or shallow (I'm not, it's just rare for others to think I'm beautiful!), so I'll blog about it instead.

Of all the love I have in my heart, most belong to my boyfriend and my niece. Lucky me, they reciprocate.

Just like the way I think how beautiful my niece will grow up to be, she thinks I am so pretty, she wants to be like me.

Me: Cantik juga Auntie pakai cermin mata ni...(Smiles in front of the mirror)
Niece: Auntie memang cantik pun. Siapa cakap Auntie tak cantik...

I was so happy, I immediately called my boyfriend to share the news with. Then, I searched for Mother just to tell her what my niece had said. Mother said my niece was simply kissing my ass.

Niece: Auntie ni fashionable lah. Kita dah cerita dekat kawan kita pasal Auntie. Kawan kita pun nak jumpa Auntie. Can you bring us out this Saturday and we'll go shopping?

Niece: Auntie, kita nak jadi macam Auntie lah...Auntie is so cantik!
Me: Yeke? Awak pun cantik juga...(No bluff, I seriously think she is so pretty)
Niece: Macam mana nak jadi Queen of Fashion macam Auntie...Baju yang Auntie pakai cantik-cantik, baju yang Auntie belikan untuk kita pun cantik-cantik...We have the same taste!
Me: (Yeah, right. You like what I bought for you because I am that childish!)
Niece: Hari tu, kita shopping dengan Mama. Ada satu baju ni, cantik sangat, tapi Mama cakap tak cantik... (Pause) Auntie tahu tak baju yang Grandma beli tu?
Me: Tahu...
Niece: Baju yang ni, lagi buruk dari baju tu! Tapi baju tu lah yang Mama kata cantik! (Makes face) Peliklah Mama ni! Mama has weird fashion taste!
Me: (Laughs uncontrollably because she indirectly just insulted the blouse Mother bought for her!)


I browsed Facebook just now and looked at my cousin's photos. I used to think she was so pretty too. I changed my mind when I reached mid-teens. I know one day my niece will experience the same thing, she will be thinking, "Why the hell did I think she was so pretty!"


I think my niece is very pretty, I suggested her to model. But she rejected the idea. I asked her for her reason but she refused to say. Deep down, I am kinda glad she is not interested in modelling. I was just saying so she could improve her self-esteem, she is indeed a model material. Anyway, she told me she wanted to be an artist.

Me: What! Artist! (I totally against this one, I blame Akedemi Fantasia) But you couldn't sing!
Niece: Bukan artist nyanyi lah. Artist lukis-lukis...Kita selalu imagine kita painting cantik-cantik...


My boyfriend has started to berangan about our wedding day. But I seriously doubt his taste in women fashion. Do you know what he wants me to wear? "I nak you pakai gown putih macam orang Cina pakai tu, dengan glove panjang colour putih."

Oh, my God.
Mana boleh!
I kan Queen of Fashion!


julie said...


your niece is so precious..... tergelak i baca her antics, i think some of the things she said tu macam bodek you je... haha...

Weed and Bandages said...

mak oii statement diaa.. haha

green apple said...

beb...tolongggggggggggg la jemput aku kat wedding ko.

coops said...

hehe, ur niece adores u la babe ;) and she's soooo cute la, cant imagine how she looks like, but i bet, she must be darn pretty *like auntie, like niece, wink wink*