Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i dont

First and foremost, thank you for the comments, sorry I couldn't reply them individually, nor could I pay a visit to your blogs, as you know, I am having some problems with the Internet. What I can tell is, they are very much appreciated.

So, there is this guy, who expressed his interest in me since a year or more ago. We started off as distant friends because I am attached and he is not that interesting to me.

One day, due to some circumstances, I decided to change my contact numbers. I only gave my new numbers to the people who are significant in my life, you know how sometimes we store numbers we never bother to dial or numbers we wish we never got, well, that's why only a handful selected people know my new number.

However, this guy, let say his name is Amin, e-mailed and even searched on Facebook because he wanted my number. Because he asked me personally, I gave him my new number.

One morning, I received a call and it was him at the end of the line. He asked me how was I doing, he asked me about my job and he told me how I disappeared. About five minutes into the conversation, he asked, "Bila you nak kahwin dengan I? Kahwinlah dengan I..."

"Huh!" Truthfully, I was surprised by the sudden proposal. Sure, he had jokingly asked my hand in marriage many times before, but I wasn't expecting this since I warned him to stop and he had not been doing it in a while. Besides, I just woke up from my slumber.

"Tak kot..." I gave my answer, loud, clear and firm.

Did I mention this guy is twice my age! This is crazy.

Amin: So, bila you nak kahwin?
Me: Belum ada plan...
Amin: What happened to your boyfriend?
Me: We are still together, we are happy.
Amin: Habis tu? Dulu cakap nak tunang?
Me: Memang pun, tapi tunggu dulu, kumpul duit. Semuanya masih tengah discuss.
Amin: Cakap dengan dia, cepat-cepatlah masuk meminang. Kalau dia tanak, I nak. I bukan setakat saja boleh bagi you berapa banyak dulang hantaran, I bagi you 9 trolley hantaran!

Tipulah kalau I cakap I tak suka. I dapat bahan for my own amusement. And, no surprise, the next person I called is my boyfriend, just to make him threatened.

Come to think of it, I should've just agreed to marry him. Let him come to my house and let Father and Mother be shocked to see a guy who can be as old as my father, is my future husband.

That situation will surely put my boyfriend as the best candidate by comparison.

"Ma setujulah dengan boyfriend kamu, janganlah kamu kahwin dengan si tua tu! Kus, lemah semangat Ma!"


Sekarang ni, musim kahwin and musim tunang.

I have two true stories.

A couple was married without duit hantaran, just mas kahwin. Why? Because the bride's family is very wealthy, they didn't need the extra money, they can afford everything that was involved in that wedding. Noble people...

A father thought the man his daughter was going to marry is no match to her. He instructed him to provide an expensive duit hantaran. The man worked hard to grant the father's wish. On the wedding day, the father's heart softened after seeing his happy daughter and his new son-in-law, he returned half of the duit hantaran back to the son-in-law.

I used to think giving Quran as hantaran is cool. It is, afterall, The Holy Book and it is perfect to signify the day you embark the new journey as a humble wife. But from my observation, I've changed my mind. To me, the Quran is too sacred to be placed on a decorative pray, where sometimes ignorant people accidentally step over it or kick it. Besides, you have to make sure you have your wudhu' everytime you want to touch it.

From my basic knowledge, even when you are reading the Quran, the best place thing to do is to raise the Book above your belly button as a sign of respect. So, I prefer if the Quran is not a part of my hantaran. I like telekung better. :)


Tina Banana said...

what an enlightening entry.. i always believe that when it comes to marriage, the amount of the wang hantaran is not the most crucial bit! mas kahwin is!

but i would not mind getting 9 trolleys of hantaran, hehe.. if only it's from my very own husband, that is.. kalau lelaki yg twice my age, sorry naik lorry! ;P

ohh just so you know, i HEART your blog! :)

Weed and Bandages said...

gaduh pasal mas kahwin tinggi. orang utara kan mas kahwin tinggi.

mak dah tau perangai, so dia tak boleh bantah.

nenek bantah.

i bising kat mak, ni sapa yang nak kahwin nih?

ramai cakap, risau kawin orang kedah. duit mas kawen dan hantaran tinggi.

which is i agree. but not to my wedding.

gila hapa! sometimes kena firm.

Moose said...

setuju sangat. mas kahwin is wajib in islam whilst duit hantaran is adat.