Tuesday, July 7, 2009

kahwin kahwin

Makcik and auntie had a conversation. They wanted to matchmake me with a doctor.

"Doktor tu in his thirties, anak Dato', masa lapang suka tanam cendawan," said one of them trying to promote him to me.

I didn't look very impressed.

"Dia tanam cendawan tu bagus...Buat business...Maksudnya di situ, dia tak suka buang masa. Ada je benda dia nak buat. Bagus lah tu!" auntie said.

Makcik was trying to be funny, "Patutlah agaknya dia single lagi. Orang lain, masa lapang, cari girlfriend. Dia tanam cendawan. Entah-entah muka pun macam cendawan!" she chuckled away.

"Mom, there must be something wrong with that doctor," in the car, I told Mother what I thought.

I continued giving her my reasons, "Ma tahu tak, doktor laki ni banyak yang lembut-lembut. I rasa, mesti dia jenis lembut punya!"

"Ma tak pernah pun jumpa doktor yang lembut-lembut..." Mother tried to defend that stranger.

"Ma, dia tu doktor, bujang pula tu. Kalau dia tu bagus sangat, confirm dah ramai nurse grab dia awal-awal...Mesti ada something wrong! Dahlah hobi tanam cendawan! Tak cool langsung! Lembut, I rasa dia lembut."

"Alah, maybe dulu dia lembut, sekarang dah berubah kot..."

"Taknaklah! Nanti orang cakap, 'Eh, dulu aku ingat kau suka lelaki, akhirnya kau kahwin juga dengan perempuan...'" I laughed. No way I'm going to marry a guy with such history.

Of course, I wanted my boyfriend to hear about this. He must know that I'm hot on the market and I am not securely his. I have many 'eligible' suitors ready for me. Haha.

Makcik: Mengikut pengalaman kita kan, bila difikir-fikirkan balik, pilihan orang tualah yang paling bagus sekali. Kan?
Auntie: Eh, tak juga, cuba tengok Faridah* dengan Farid* tu. Keluarga juga yang pasang-pasangkan, tapi bercerai juga...

I agree, auntie!

Father thinks the reason I am with my current boyfriend is because I have no other option, ie: noone else is interested because of my attitude: "Kasar sangat, tak pernah berlemah lembut, laki pun lari..."

This is who I am, a lady with many flaws, and I am with a guy who loves me the way I am.

I am happy, shouldn't Father be happy for me too?


nurulhuda said...

i like ur blog! i ngntuk tp still proceed reading.. hope the Father akan merestui ;)

Anonymous said...

HAHA, yes, u shud be happy meh!

Moose said...

i was bloghopping and found your blog. i love reading what you wrote. it's honest and comes from the heart and somehow i felt like our (love) stories seem similiar. keep on writin for i'll keep on reading.

chics said...

Kelakarlah! It's always funny to hear when your relatives try to matchmake you with someone they know.

My grandma oncwe pujuk my cousin to accept a guy who had diabetes, just because he's a pegawai!

Tah haper-haper