Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just before I went out for a quick shopping while Baby K was sleeping, Mother suggested me to take her to my aunt's house. She casually told me that my cousin, who used to be a stay-at-home mom, is now back to work.
"So, who is taking care of the children?" I asked.
"Her sister."
"Ohh...She has a maid now?"
"Agaknya lah. Sebab anak dia sendiri 2 orang. Lepas tu, tambah lagi 2 orang. Mestilah ada orang tolong."

"Kenapa kerja balik?" I asked. "Sebab ekonomi gawat ke?"
" Dia dah bercerailah..."

I didn't ask further about it. Malas nak masuk campur hal rumah tangga orang. Lagipun, I can't really be listening to rumours, unless it comes from my cousin herself.

Anyway, we knew her marriage was on the rocks. It was supposed to be hush hush thing, but it turned out my other cousin knew about it too. Aiyoo...

The thing is, why do people tend to blame the woman?

It happens that her, now ex-husband is a likeable person. He is friendly, quite good looking...
So, when my cousin got mad because he was texting another woman from work, many thought she was overreacting.

"Oohhh...Tak ada apalah...Ali tu kan baik...Rajin masak...Dia tu memang jenis peramah...Tu kawan kerja je tu...Biasalah kalau dengan kawan tempat kerja..."
"Ala...Masalahnya, Mimi tu tak kerja. Bila tak kerja, mudah rasa inferior. Banyak fikir bukan-bukan..."

Waahhh...Jadi housewife pulak dipersalahkan.

I mean, if there's really nothing, why did you lafaz cerai? Why can't you just pujuk her and give her the reassurance she needed?

Same goes to Fasha Sandha and her ex-husband. People keep saying, "It's karma."
Well, well, well...What about the guy?!!! He wanted her too, if not, why did he let Nora Danish go? What karma has fallen onto the guy, huh?

Oh, well, nak komen banyak-banyak pun tak boleh sebab tak tahu keadaan sebenar.

Right now, I'm worried for our future, the future of our country.
If Father was alive, he would've been devastated to see the current state we are in right now.

On Facebook, one of the products of Qu Puteh got banned. Most have uneducated comments.

I don't know lah whether Malaysia really has a lot of uneducated people, or, educated people simply just don't comment on anything that's outside of their knowledge.

These people haa...They really like to play the racial card, which I absolutely hate.
Like, "Biasalah...Nak jatuhkan perniagaan orang Melayu..."
"Melayu penuh dengan perasaan hasad dengki."


This has got nothing to do with Melayu atau tak. Kalau dah bahaya tu, bahaya je lah. Apa kena mengena dengan bangsa pula ni? Bila KKM buat kerja, you guys tak nak percaya. Bila jadi bahaya apa-apa kelak, you all akan salahkan KKM jugak.

You want to be racist? Be racist to your own race. It's a disease, you know. Malays like to put blames on others. Otak tu sempit sangat...

That's why I'm so upset when I found out there will be no government sponsorship to further studies.

Islam encourages us to berhijrah, belajar sampai ke negeri China, merantau mencari ilmu, don't be comfortable at one place. Do you know why? So, we can learn about other cultures, be more global, gain more knowledge and experiences.

Nanti, tinggallah rakyat-rakyat yang kolot macam ni.
Disclaimer: I'm not looking down at the local graduates at all, in fact, I, myself am currently pursuing my post grad studies in one of the local univeristies. It's just that, I feel that it's very important to expose ourselves to other environments- hence, grabbing whatever opportunities to explore the world.

It's different tau, going for a vacation and actually living and blending in with other people. Learning how it feels to be a minority in a foreign place for a change. Have people look down to you just because you are different, doing a dirty somewhat degrading job that people think only stupid people do it, when in fact you are actually a PhD student, for example.

Yes, you can learn all about this if you have good teachers. Besides, we have the Internet, information at the tip of the fingers. But, may I remind you:
- Experience is the best teacher of all.
- Information is not knowledge.

So, I am asking my husband to save up so we can provide the best education for our children.

Anyway, I may not able to convey what I'm really trying to say, but with this limited writing skills that I have, I hope people can understand the messages.

Do you know what I worry about?
About us, who think we are becoming more Islamic, pakai jubah dan hijab, ada private school Islam, pre-school pun Islamic with English medium, but in actual fact, kita ni semakin mundur tanpa disedari. Kita je perasan kita ni lagi bagus dari orang-orang zaman mak bapak, datuk moyang kita...Dulu-dulu, at least, they exchanged food with their neighbours, tapi zaman sekarang, we tend to question every single little thing. Ini tak halal, tu tak halal, ini halal tapi tak toyyiban, ini halal diragui walaupun dah ada cop halal, airlines ni airlines halal, nak naik keretapi halal...WTF!

Seriously, people...

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