Friday, January 1, 2016

It's the new year and my husband is so busy. He's been travelling long distance, meeting up with new partners, settling his work and stuff. Duduk rumah pun keluar pagi, balik lewat. I pula, memang kerja. We communicate mainly via Whatsapp. By the time he arrives home, whenever he's in Klang Valley, he'd be so tired and only spends time entertaining our son. I pun tak kacau sangat. Lepas tu, dia pengsan.

When he was in Singapore recently, he told me he was not going to shop for anything. His friend just handed him a business to take over because his friend couldn't handle it. So, my husband needed capitals to rombak everything, that's why can't spend money unnecessarily.

Lepas tu, me and my paranoia kan...Hehehe...

Anyway, a few days ago, I arrived home first. Was feeding my son his dinner when my husband came home. Then, he handed me a gift. Awww...So sweet...He bought it in Singapore.

Sigh. Actually, my husband surprises me more than I surprise him lah. I rarely give him anything as presents. If I do, I usually ask him first, and I'm always so reluctant to spend so much, the kedekut in me...Tapi lelaki ni lagi senang, can give surprise dinners or surprise flowers- both are quite affordable. Both also able to make me very happy...Haha.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to him, even though he doesn't read my blog, I hope he knows that I appreciate him very much. Can't wait to wear my new bag, especially after the jubah I ordered online arrives. I'm pregnant and refuse to wear maternity clothes, so pakai jubah jubah je lah...Sanggup pakai seluar dengan Belly Belt, one of the most useful inventions ever for pregnant women, just a bit overpriced.

Thank you, husband. Busy, busy pun, ingat wife lagi. So sweet lah you. Penat penat pun still teman pergi Tesco and didn't let me lift the groceries, walaupun i think tak berat mana pun...And it's not like my due date is next month ke ape...

I found out I just won a voucher for a night stay in a hotel in KL. Yeay! Perhaps can redeem it for his birthday next month. And plan something special for him. I hope I can make him happy as much as he makes me happy.

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