Thursday, January 28, 2016

Apalah masalah hati rapuh I ni...
Lepas ni dah tak ada flight MAS KL-Amsterdam. I watched the video of the last flight departing, and I cried.
I don't know why I got so emotional. Perhaps it's because MAS/ MAB is no longer one of the best airlines in the world...


Anyway, Mother was asking why do I need Clevamama 10 in 1 pillow. Why can't I just get a normal, cheaper nursing pillow.
Well, I anticipate that this child is going to be smaller. Like, less than 3kg in weight. Perut I kan kecik. The nurses always need to refer me to the doctor for the small tummy. The good thing about this pregnancy, so far, I don't have problem with hemorrhoids. Hurrahhh!!! When I was pregnant with Baby K, defecating was painful and bloody! So, that is another reason how I know that I am carrying less weight on me...

But, can't say too soon, eh...Who knows, this baby might decide to grow rapidly at the end of my pregnancy.

Ahhh...Back to Mother's question, yeah...Since it comes with a body/ head support too, I think it will be a good investment. Baby K was fine without all this support thing, I even swaddle him less than I was supposed to, because he was big and long...He was only 3 kg at birth, but to me, any Malaysian baby weighing more than 3kg and above at birth, is considered huge. Europeans average weight is more than 3.5kg though. Somehow, my friends who gave birth overseas meet their standards too. Besarnyaaaa...I wonder why...Is it the food? The weather?


Right now, Baby K is 29 months old. Let me document a bit about his character:

- still calls me Gegurl  (-_____-")

- refuses to do his number two on the toilet bowl. Whenever he needs to go, he will ask for a diaper

- kuat berpeluh like his father

- and when he is sweaty, he would itch, especially when he's asleep

- whenever I'm around, he would wake up multiple times during his sleep. But, he's better when he sleeps with his grandmother, or when he sleeps with my husband and I'm already off to work. Why!!! Is it my scent?

- likes to tease his parents. Pretend play a lot

- he knows whenever I'm really mad at him. When this happens, he would be quiet and his face would change. He would not wail, but there would be tears rolling down his cheeks. He would cry quietly, just like me. This is the indication that he is truly sad and not pretending

- he doesn't like the naughty chair. The other day, I wanted to punish him, but this smart boy ran to his father instead. Ish...

- whenever he is truly sad, he would isolate himself. He would go into a room, having a strike. If I follow him, he would protest and ask me to wait outside. So, usually, I let him have his own sweet time, then only I come to pujuk

- I can't force him to do things he doesn't want to. Nak mandi? Pujuk with toys. Nak makan? Play with him. Nak tidur? He has to agree to switch off the lights. Dictation doesn't get him anywhere

- Likes to throw things. OMG! I seriously think he gets this from my husband's genes. What's your problem?!

- I do spank him. I spank his hands whenever he throws things on purpose. Especially food and books.

Okay lah. Tu je setakat ni...Banyak lagi sebenarnya, but I have other things to do.

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