Monday, February 8, 2016

Today, I am going to talk about hair.

So, I was on MC, but I was feeling much better after I saw the doctor, so I went to a nearby mall instead for:
search for cheap baju kurung/ jubah I can actually fit
buy a confinement set
get a haircut

Actually, I forgot what my last intention was, but as I was about to pay for the parking ticket, I saw a hair salon.

You see, I'm not a regular to any hair salon. For many reasons:

- when I was young, Mother used to cut my hair
- then I went to a boarding school
- then college
- then university, which I returned to Malaysia only once a year (hair maintenance only once a year, haha)
- then got busy with work
- got married and moved with husband
- returned back to Klang Valley, donning the tudung
- I don't do small talk. I prefer my hairstylist to do his/ her job and don't ask personal questions. I guess, I am just not a friendly person...(I usually lie about what I do, or where I stay if they start to ask...Just for the fun of it. It's fun to pretend to be someone you are not. I've pretended to be a teacher, a nurse, a housewife...Next time, I'm going to pretend to be a nursery owner. Or a pilot. Haha...! I also lie about my son's age: "Ohhhh...He's only 6 months old, he's waiting for me at home...The hair treatment would take 2 hours, right? Nope, can't do...This treatment? I'm still breastfeeding, can't take that chemical either, sorry...")

I go anywhere I want. In fact, this is the first time I got a haircut Syariah compliant. Haha. I know...Even though I'm bertudung, I didn't know where to go! So, previously, I just played cool and took off my tudung and let everybody see my hair...I usually went in the morning when less people were around.


There was this sign in front of the door: for females only. So, I knew my modesty would be preserved. I went inside, and asked, "Lama ke kena tunggu?"

See...Pretended to be hurry because
- ada alasan tak nak cuci rambut
- wanted to avoid the traffic jam

I sat down...And she asked, "Nak potong macam mana?"

"Pendek," and I gestured the length I intended to go with:


This is just a regular shop. No consultation given. I didn't even flip the magazines to show her examples...

She quickly prepped me up, sprayed water, clipped my hair, grabbed her scissors, "Kak nak ikat?"

I said, "Tak."



Her version of short is different from mine! I guess she wasn't really paying attention when I showed her how short I wanted my hair to be. This is way too short!

I don't confront people lah, okay...I kan jenis senyap je...So, I tahan je lah dalam hati...I've tried short hair before and it doesn't look good on me.

Mother used to do short hair for me and I hated it. (My own pakcik neighbour had mistaken me as a boy when I was 8 years old!!!) I avoided the cut once I'm old enough to decide for myself.

And remember how I used to do a proper hair cut once a year as a university student?
So, one time, before I flew back to study, I decided to cut my hair really short (bob). I thought the result would be better if done by a professional...No.
To make matters worse, the place I was studying at was windy. So, I ended up with frizzy hair for the first few months, until it grew longer...

As pictured above, my hair is not exactly straight or curly.

Mula-mula potong, mestilah nampak okay, sebab dah kena blow and sikat rapi-rapi...

Demi memujuk hatiku...
Well, at least I'm wearing tudung now. And my inner will keep my hair from getting too frizzy...

Now, I look like this:

You think they are pretty?

Now, try to imagine and replace those pretty faces with an Asian face: small eyes, flat nose, thick lips, no sharp, pointy features present...

You still think that's pretty?

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