Sunday, October 30, 2016

2 weeks ago, my husband went shopping with my son at KLCC. I was working.

Usually, if I asked my husband to buy me anything, he would say- "Susah. Sebab Abang K ada. I tak boleh buat apa-apa."

So, I asked my husband:

Me: Tak susah ke shopping dengan Abang K?
Him: Abang K tidur dalam stroller. Sebab tu I boleh shopping.
Me: Ha? You bawa stroller? Dia tidur dalam kereta ke?
Him: Tak lah. Lepas jalan-jalan, dia penat. Lepas itu, dia duduk dalam stroller, tidur sendiri.
Me: Ohh...Kenapa you bawa stroller siap-siap? Biasanya you tak suka.
Him: Senang nak letak barang.

Before this, my husband didn't like the stroller. He used to bring back my son to his hometown, without the stroller. He would rather carry my son because he thought the stroller was such a hassle. Besides, he thought my son is a big boy.

Then, he would complaint that his shoulders hurt for carrying my son. I told him, "Bawa stroller tu. Senang kalau nak check in. Walaupun Abang K dah besar, he still needs his afternoon nap. Kalau tak cukup tidur, nanti dia cranky."

It took some time to convince my husband. Finally, he gave in and discovered the convenience of bringing the stroller. But I thought, he would only bring the stroller to the airport.


Suddenly, I pictured him pushing the stroller. Haha. I wonder what would people think of him.

I told Mother about this.

Mother: Tak pelik ke orang tengok lelaki tolak stroller (without the wife)?
Me: Haha (beaming with pride)
Mother: Cuba bayangkan Abang (my brother) buat macam tu? Memang tak akan!

It's true. I can't imagine Father or my brothers doing it.
They are the - this is women's job, I am not doing it - kinda men.

I know a lot of men are like my husband. He' s not rare, a lot of my friends/ friends' husbands are doing it too. It's just that he is rare in my family.

I love my husband!


Nutasyah said...
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Nutasyah said...

haha...when it comes to carrying my husband would rather push the tram than having shoulder arm pain..or being said weird..hihi

the ectopy said...

Yeay for hot daddies!