Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have been separated from my old colleagues since joining the new department. Some of us are leaving to other states. Last Monday was kinda like a get-together thing before the day comes.

I was in my jeans when I received a call from my friend, Gina.
"Peter is on his way to pick you up. What? You are wearing jeans? You are supposed to dress up, dear. Go change into a dress, now!"

Ade dress code pulak dah...

Anyway, glad to find out that most of them quit drinking!

After a few months of being busy with our own work, we finally had the chance to catch up with one another.

The waitress arrived with our food. You know, a good restaurant is supposed to know what you ordered and put the correct food accordingly, not by asking the whole table, "Caesar salad?" and you have to raise your hand like you are a kid in a classroom.

Exactly what happened that night. The waitress didn't know whose food was that. Then, when my friend confirmed that it's hers, she tried to serve my friend from across the table (of eight people!), like, so freaking idiotic, it's so dangerous, the big, hot plate can fall on our heads.

My friend, Cynthia, snapped, "Oh, my God, she's never been trained to be a proper waitress, is it? How can you serve food like that!"

We were shocked to hear her comment. Firstly, it was nothing subtle about it, I am sure the waitress could hear it. Secondly, she was never the mean type, in fact, she's probably the most innocent and kindest among us.

I looked at my friend and giggled about it. Peter said, "That's how she is in the department, being a boss now. So, don't you mess with her!"

Waaahhh, number one.

We had a good time. We also surprised Peter and Cynthia with a birthday cake.

Then, it was time to say goodbye. We asked for the bill but it took more than 10 minutes when they were only four tables left in the restaurant.

Gina lost her patience after two requests for the bill (that took forever) and one of the waiters came by our table to announce that the kitchen was closing so, "Any last order?" he asked.

Gina snapped at him, "We are actually waiting for our bill. Why is it taking so long? You wanna give us a free dinner, is it?" and gave him her best poker-face look.

Waaahhh, number two.

Sejak naik pangkat ni, semua orang dah change a bit. Meaner and bossier.

I wish I can lead people. I need to. But, I am too soft. I give face all the time. I cannot raise my voice to express my anger or disappointment. Dengan my husband je boleh, hehe. And I still go back later than my juniors. I am still being bullied!

I want to change this personality. How to naik pangkat lagi dan lagi kalau orang asyik pijak kepala kita je kan?

Actually, I don't like this department that I am currently being in charge of.

The only secret reason I came, is because I am the only Muslim with the position in that department. Macam kesian la pulak tengok department tu kena conquer dengan non-Muslims when I am actually in a Muslim country.

I repeatedly told myself that it's my duty as a Muslim, to fulfill the Fardhu Kifayah.

Sometimes, I wonder, don't other people realize that they carry a responsibility to represent Muslims in areas where Muslims are scarce, especially where no other Muslim is involved?

I have been waiting for more Muslims to enter the department, but so far, all of them requested to transfer to other department because they are not interested. Eh, I pun tak interested, tapi ku korbankan juga sebab tu kan tanggungjawab Fardhu Kifayah? Korang kan lagi alim, ilmu agama tinggi-tinggi, pakai tudung, takkan tak perasan peliknya takde Muslim dekat situ? Semua nak berkumpul ikut gang-gang je ye...

This situation reminds me of my college days. For the second half of the study year, most students dropped some subjects, in order to concentrate more in certain subjects so to obtain good marks in the final exam.

Although half of the class was made up by Muslims, only three Muslims, me included, decided to continue that one or two particular subjects that the rest of them thought were so burdening to them.

Damn sad...

Tak tahu lah memang pemalas ke, opportunists ke, kaki mengelak ke, peer pressure ke, or memang bengap tak dapat carry subjects banyak-banyak (padahal bukan banyak sangat pun) sedangkan orang lain boleh je buat...

This kind of mentality should change.

Kita orang Islam, ada Fardhu Ain, ada Fardhu Kifayah. Dua-dua pun wajib kena buat.

Patutnya, kena ceburkan diri dengan bidang yang tak ramai orang Islam. Bukannya cakap, "Eh, tanaklah pergi sana. Semua Mat Salleh je. Susah nanti."

God, please help me.

I preach to you all, to be brave and adventurous. Jangan jadi katak di bawah tempurung.


Mak Piah said...

Go Ectopy go! ! * pakai baju cheerleader nih *

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Just wanna say thatI'm proud that you see it as a fardhu kifayah. May Allah bless your effort :)