Saturday, September 17, 2011

The weekend is meaningless if it's without fun plans, or without my husband.

(Long sigh.)

I still haven't gone for my honeymoon. Some overly romantic people would say, "We don't need honeymoon, because we are on our honeymoon right now, 127 days and counting," and end the sentence with a smooch.

Well, truthfully, I don't consider living with my husband as a honeymoon. I want a luxurious one, one that makes me feel like a princess in love. Right now, we are having our ups and downs. And I want to feel how is it like to sleep in a room that costs RM1300 per night!

(Stomp feet like a brat)

I really don't understand some people. They have the same profession like me, but somehow they can afford all the nice things in life. Where have I gone wrong?! I nak makan luar mahal-mahal pun rasa guilty and berkira tau. I am so green in envy!

My husband says, "Sebab you pakai duit sendiri masa kahwin hari tu..."

Aik? Takkan orang lain tak keluar duit kot...

Tak apalah, rezeki masing-masing...

Okay, lets reminiscence the days before I got married. Compared to me, my husband (then boyfriend) had more fun shopping for the hantarans.

Whenever he bought something, he'd get discounts and free gifts. Then, he would gloat to my face, complimenting his bargaining skills.

One incident took place in this shop, where I was buying for his hantaran. He tried on the pants and admired himself. The salesperson was a cute boy. I was quiet all the time because I don't do small talks with strangers. Then, the salesboy asked me, "You tak suka apa-apa ke? Taknak beli?" I said, no thanks.

Then, it was time to pay. We were lucky because the item was on sale and the salesboy threw a Seven For All Mankind t-shirt for free.

Boy: Ni adik abang ke? (Referring to me) Adik taknak beli apa-apa?

So, he thought I was my husband's sister! And the salesboy was hitting on me! Is that why he was being so nice and all?

My husband left the shop feeling very offended, "I beli barang mahal-mahal, and dia ingat you ni adik I! Dia tak tahu ke you ni tunang I hah!"

HAHAHAHAHA, serve you right!


Anyway, what I was trying to remind myself is: The buying for hantarans experience has taught me that, I don't really enjoy buying expensive stuffs. I am more into liking the feeling of being able to afford for expensive things. Different.

Like, "Hey, I actually have the money to buy that, that and that. I don't buy them just because I don't like the way they are priced! Thousands of bucks for this? You've got to be kidding me!"

Although, my husband still bought me a designer handbag for one of my wedding gifts.

Being practical, I actually suggested for cheaper brands. But my husband got all upset which confused me. In the mall, we were fighting,

Me: Beli je lah handbag XYZ tu. Cantik jugak...Murah pulak tu.
Him: Kenapa pulak? I kan dah janji nak beli handbag ABC untuk you.
Me: Tapi handbag ABC tu mahallah!
Him: I ada duit nak beli untuk you!
Me: Kenapa dengan you ni? Kalau laki lain mesti dah bersyukur sebab dapat girlfriend yang memahami macam I.
Him: I bukan macam lelaki lain. I dah janji kan nak belikan handbag ABC untuk you. Kenapa sekarang you taknak pulak?
Me: Sebab I taknak membebankan you lah! Kalau orang lain, mesti gembira sebab I minta handbag murah. Duit lebih tu boleh guna untuk benda lain.

Him: Masalahnya, I dah simpan duit sebab nak belikan handbag ABC untuk you. I tau you nak sangat handbag tu dulu. I bukan macam lelaki lain. I nak you happy. Masa I kumpul duit ni, I happy sangat sebab akhirnya, dapat belikan untuk you. Sekarang you taknak pulak. I frust lah. Habis, I kumpul duit ni untuk apa? Untuk beli handbag yang you tak suka?

I went, "Awww..." upon hearing his explaination.

Me: I suka jugaklah handbag XYZ tu...

Him: I nak you beli ABC jugak! Baru I puas hati duit yang I kumpul selama ni, dapat guna untuk beli handbag yang you suka!

My heart melted.

(Okay, I feel like hugging my husband now. Haha)

I don't think I am good-looking.
I don't think my husband is good-looking.
I don't think my husband has the best taste in women.

I mean, whenever I see a pretty lady in the magazine, I would ask him, "Cantik kan dia ni?"
He would disagree and point to another lady.
Then I would think, "Euwww...Perempuan macam ni you kata cantik? Dia ni buruklah!"

And the things I say would reflect back on me. Because, basically, I am saying, if he thinks I am pretty, I must be one ugly girl in my eyes...

Him: Sayang, tadi I jumpa seorang pakcik ni. Dia panggil I dari jauh. I pun datanglah. Ingatkan dia nak bagi projek ke...Tengok-tengok dia tanya pasal you.
Me: Ha? Dia tanya apa?
Him: Dia cakap, isteri abang ni cantik, body lawa. Dekat mana jumpa? Gatal betul orang tua tu!
Me: Dia pernah nampak I ke?
Him: Dia ada datang masa kenduri hari tu...

The only perk of this is his taste is similar with his friends'. Is it because they come from the same place that their idea of beauty is so off?

I mean, come on, if I was really that beautiful, wouldn't I be chased by many men? Wouldn't I have only girl friends because every guy friend I have would have fall in love with me and make things complicated? Wouldn't I be approached by modelling agencies? Wouldn't I be showered with gifts by rich guys? Wouldn't I be stalked?

Oh, I know why. Because they are all older than me. And old men automatically thinks the younger you are, the prettier. (No wonder people mistakenly think I am my husband's sister)

Oh, well, bersyukur je lah dapat husband who thinks I am all that. Love is blind...


Balqis said...

Hi Ectopy,

I feel you.
I dah kahwin 5months but still haven't gone to honeymoon yet.
Pergi jalan-jalan jauh sikit pon x pernah..I know this is not a big deal since he treats me very good, tapi every time i think of honeymoon or every time people asked me where i went to honeymoon, i will be very sad.I even brought up this to my husband, he said his initial plan was to bring me go to oversea,tp since he overspend his budget masa wedding, we need to postpone.I x kisah pon kalo pergi dekat2,all i need is a decent honeymoon..

Hehe..weird eh pompuan nih.. Menda kecik pon nak besar2kan..

Mak Piah said...

Ectopy, selagi tak gi honeymoon, selagi tu awak dibenarkan meroyan... :P

x MP