Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I just spent hours surfing blogs because, you know, I was out of civilisation for a month!

Basically, I am now based at a new workplace. It's different than the old one. From being the only Muslim in the whole department to ---> ALL Muslims in the entire department (who hold the same job position as mine).

I have so much to write, actually. But as usual, currently I am all blank.

What's new?

I am still not pregnant. (Rolls eyes)
You see, I have this weird obsession that I just have to give birth at the end of the year. I don't want my child to be born from January to June.

I don't want them to be old in their classes. That's why I just need to get pregnant now and be safe from having due dates in the early year!

How does it feel like to give birth? I imagine it like having to shit out really hard and big stool. Man, that's painful. I'd rather have diarrhoea than passing out hard shit. But whenever I'm having those painful episodes in the toilet, I treat it as a practise for my future giving birth experience. Talk about the ultimate optimism...

Okay, I'll stop being disgusting.

Mother...Mother is into iPad now ever since my brother introduced it to her. Come on, she is a grandMother and her oldest grandchild is a tween now. She said she could read the Quran with it and it can zoom in and out with just a touch awayyy..."So convenient," she said.

Mother: Belilah satu...Bukan mahal sangat pun...Seribu lebih je...

Sure, if it is not THAT expensive, why don't you buy me one, Mother...?

Haha, she sounded like me when I was younger, asking for a new gadget!

Like always, I ask, why can't I be richer!

I am grateful with what I have but I wonder how can other people afford things I could not afford when they earn as much, or probably, less than me! Don't they have bills to pay? Or savings for rainy days?

Anyway, I am using up my free time to hang out with my favourite people.

Met a friend and asked him who's his latest scandal.

He said he went clubbing with a girl and her friends, one of them is a doctor. The doctor was so drunk, that when it's time to leave, he got aggressive and refused the others from touching his carkeys. My friend and the two girls got pretty scared to ride with him, so, they simply took a cab and left him.

I was like, "What the hell! What kind of friends are you! How could you just leave him there! It's so dangerous!"

And the funny part is, the doctor could not recall a single thing. The next day, he asked, "What happened last night?" and they lied to him, "Oh, we don't know. You just left without telling us, so, we ended up taking the cab home..."

The doctor completely fell for that! And he said, "I am surprised that I got home safely, even though there are a lot of scratches on my cars..."

It made me so angry because

1) You are a doctor, you should know NOT to exceed your limit when it comes to alcohol. Especially when you are driving, you idiot!

2) My friend's mother got killed by a drunk driver and my colleague got killed because everyone was drunk in the car.

3) How could you leave your drunk friend like that! He could have been mugged and beaten up and abducted and his organs could have been sold!

Stop drinking, will ya! You are too old for that...

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