Monday, November 28, 2011

My friend posted something interesting on Facebook.

Something that goes like, "There are 3 great apples that change this world. The forbidden apple Eve made Adam eat, the apple that fell on Sir Isaac Newton, and the Apple created by Steve Jobs."

Terus I rase nak beli anything Apple just because I want to be a part of something great. Haha, poyo! Mudahnya terpengaruh...

Mark, my travel partner, went to New Zealand without me knowing, so I am like, "Why didn't you tell me?!!!"

Mark: Because you are married.
Me: That's not an excuse! I haven't even been to a honeymoon yet!
Mark: You want to go for your honeymoon with me?
Me: Nooo!!! It's perfect because I can bring my husband and you'd be there to take our photos! Hahahaha...!

I really hate the fact that being married changes how a friendship works.

Hani: You know, maybe, the reason you are pregnant yet is because you haven't gone for a honeeymoon yet. So, go on, go get the mood going!
Me: Pandai ah you buat theory...
Hani: No, really, that's what my dad said...
Okay, so now everybody is talking about my childless marriage eh?

My friend, let's call him Patrick, found out about his father's other wife last year during a vacation overseas. According to Patrick, his father's naughty habit was no secret but he never thought his father would go that far. It hurt him because despite being the first-born, he was the last to know, and his younger siblings seemed indifferent about it. He never found out more about it because ignorance is bliss. He'd rather not acknowledge the fact that his father is polygamous.

This year, he bumped into his father's car in a condominium compound, in a different state!

What a coincidence, eh?

He wanted to play detective.

Me: Eh, I thought his other wife lives in another country? What happened?
Patrick: I don't know...And I don't know whether this is a new woman, or the same wife he brought back.
Me: You know, since everybody in the family knows about it, why don't you just ask him straight?
Patrick: There's no fun in that! Besides, we don't really talk about it.

It's funny at this age, we still feel excited about things like this.

But in the end, of course, the stake-out did not happen because we have too many other important things to do.

I still remember, about 10 years ago, my friend bumped into her uncle doing dirty dancing with a woman half his age in a club. Can you imagine seeing that?

I always talk to Patrick about how modernisation has made the marriage institution less sacred. How it has become widely acceptable in the society, that it is normal to fall in and out of love just like that.

It's sad. I wish to elabprate more on this but this is a sensitive topic. I mean, there are always two sides of a story and who am I to judge?

All I can say is, Kim Kardashian, why!!!