Saturday, January 26, 2008


Saya nak kahwin.
Tapi KENAPA............
Bila nak kahwin ni lah, banyak benda nak buat?

Contohnya, panjat gunung.
Contohnya, jadi sukarelawan di Darfur.
Contohnya, gain some working experience in California.

Now, I can't only think about myself, but I have to think about my other half too. Decisions must be made together because he is going to be a part of my life.

The ugly side of this is, sometimes I think the 'I-need-to-think-about-him-too' is tiresome. Tedious. It's making life more complicated.

I would've just said, "Yes, I am definitely going!" instead of, "I need to think about it first."

Sure, I've always tell people I hate living abroad. But I am not stupid to let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip away. And the money is pretty good.

Hmm...Is this an alarm going off? Is this a sign? Should I re-think about marriage?

I'm pretty sure I want to get married. It is just that I WANT MANY THINGS AT THE SAME TIME and WHY CAN'T I HAVE ALL THE THINGS I WANT NOW?

Oprah said, "You can have all the things you want, just not at the same time."

As tempting as it sounds, I hope I will do just as well in Malaysia. Who says my CV won't stand out, who says I can't be successful if I didn't have the California work experience!

At least, I'll get paid in the same amount. I must think of how much money I could spend with the same amount of money in Malaysia!


coops said...

do what you want most, and yep, i admit that sometimes thighs get too complicated when it comes to desire. make the right choices, ok *wink* only you know what you want :)

coops said...

typo: * things* not *thighs* hehe

Love and Memories said...

a sensitive question.

why do u want to marry now? cant it wait for a few more years?

the ectopy said...

it's complicated. :) i do want to live with him. it's better to get married than loving him without commitment. i want to have a blessed relationship.

Irregularities said...

lain - hubungan yang biase biase berbanding hubungan yang ada komitmen.

the ectopy said...

tapi mana lebih bagus?