Thursday, January 3, 2008

My resolution is to be humble

A woman, in a black jubah, with three children and her husband around her, approached my boyfriend.

She called out my boyfriend's name. My boyfriend didn't recognize her at first. She said, "Saya, *Wanie...Ingat tak?"

My boyfriend needed to go to the toilet badly, so he explained to her that he had to go. In the toilet, he scanned his memory for her face. She was his schoolmate many, many years ago.

After cleaning himself up, he saw *Wanie was still there waiting patiently for him.

"Saya nak pinjam duit. Saya tak ada duit nak balik rumah," she explained herself. Her thin, red-eyed, scruffy-looking husband watched from afar, almost hiding from my boyfriend.

Looking at the drug addict, my boyfriend was reluctant to loan her money because he knew the husband will use it to get more drugs. But, how could anybody not pity the children?

My boyfriend just did some shopping for his work, and all was left in his wallet was RM10. He gave it to her.

*Wanie thanked him. She said, "Saya tinggal di *****. Awak tahu kan rumah saya? Nanti awak datanglah ke rumah saya, saya akan ganti balik".

"Tak ape...Saya sedekah, untuk anak-anak awak," my boyfriend told her.

"RM10? What could she do with RM10?" I asked.
"I seriously didn't have money in wallet. You know me, I can't have cash in my wallet or I'd spend it," my boyfriend defended himself.
"Kesiannya...." it kinda haunts me.
"Dah tahu drug addict, lagi mahu dijadikan suami!" my boyfriend was half-mad. "Entah-entah, suami dia yang amik duit tu beli dadah".
"That cheap? RM10 boleh beli dadah ke?" I honestly don't know.
"Boleh...Dadah yang murah...Ada..."

I wanted to protest. He maybe was not a drug addict, maybe he was someone who genuinely had a rough time and needed some help.
Because I really want to believe he was not another drug addict.

What a humble reminder to start off the new year...

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