Friday, January 4, 2008

Besarnya tanggungjawab pemimpin

"Hey. Can I tell you something? I am expanding my prospects. The election is next year. I need to be involved with politics so I could get my hands on the government projects easily. I need to know the right people. It is the only way," he told her.

He is getting friendly with politics. She was alarmed by this because she doesn't want to be married to a busy man.

"I am not becoming a politician, I am training *Lan to be one," he explained.
She was relieved when she heard this, her boyfriend won't become like 'them'!
Out of curiosity, she asked, "Why didn't you try to compete for the post?"
"Oh, I am too old for it. Besides, I don't have the look and he is the son of a Datuk. *Lan would be more suitable for the post, I am sure many will vote for him," he said.

It got her thinking: They are competing not because they genuinely want to help the society but for the benefits of themselves!

She disgusted. Thank God, her boyfriend is not the front man. She would have persuaded him to step down if he was.

"Good, it's not you. You make the right choice," she tried to be supportive. Hey, at least he won't be competing. "I tanak you busy lepas kahwin nanti. Takut tak ada masa untuk anak-anak," she expressed some of her concerns.
"I pun fikir macam tu juga. Sebab tu, I takkan bertanding," he said.
"Aren't you afraid becoming a politician? Tanggungjawab besar. Pemimpin kalau buat kerja tak betul, berdosa..."
"Memang betul," he agreed. "Tapi *Lan baik. I yakin dia boleh buat," he said.

When I was little, I already had a vision: I will be successful in life, I will be rich, my husband will be a great, well-known, adored leader.

Because my mind was being implemented with the ideality of life at such tender age, my immature self thought the best husband candidate would be a successful politician slash businessman slash doctor or engineer.

But as I grew up, I found out politics are dirty. I learned that with fame there comes responsibilities.

[ A popular singer plays a role to set a good examples because many people are influenced by that singer. He/ she is an icon. He/ she cannot do whatever she wants like normal people! People are looking up to the singer. The teenagers, especially, wear what the singer wears and do what he/ she does! Why do advertisement companies hire them to sell products, you think?
"But hey, am I not entitled to lead my life the way I want? It is my life! Why am I being judged all the time? Just because I am famous, it doesn't mean I am not human, it is not fair!" the singer wondered.
Because nothing is free. You have the looks, you have the wealth, you have the fame, so, you have to sacrifice this part of life of yours. It is only fair. ]

Kalau seorang celebrity pun sudah mempunyai tanggungjawab sebegini, apatah lagi seorang pemimpin masyarakat.

With knowledge, a good leader knows it is difficult to become a leader. It is risky. You have to balance between your personal/ family life from work/ society.
A leader belongs to the society because he is voted by them. Because of this, we, the voters too, have the responsibilities to choose the best candidate to represent us.
(Jangan sebab anda tak undi, masyarakat dapat pemimpin yang kurang baik. Jangan cakap tak tahu nak undi yang mana, jangan duduk atas pagar, anda dewasa dan cukup matang untuk mengundi pemimpin yang paling baik, anda tak bodoh)

In Islam, to summarize
- bekerja perlu ikhlas
- pemimpin bertanggungjawab menjaga kebajikan anak-anak buahnya dan jangan sesekali menyeleweng. Ini bermakna, bila berpolitik, niat perlulah untuk menjaga kebajikan maslahat, bukan untuk senang dapat perjanjian-perjanjian jual beli, bukan kerana tertarik dengan gaji dan elaun yang tinggi, bukan untuk menambahkan contacts
- jangan mencampur adukkan soal peribadi apabila bekerja. Ini bermakna, jangan gunakan masa bekerja untuk chatting, untuk balas e-mail peribadi atau untuk tulis blog. Anda dibayar dan dipertanggungjawabkan untuk bekerja, jadi jangan jadikan sumber pendapatan anda setiap bulan menjadi haram

[ A headmister slash businessman. When you are at school, you do your headmister job. You can't make business calls using the school telephone. It is wrong. Melanggar etika. When you want to have business talks, you can't do it during your working hours. You can't mencuri tulang.
Wisely, the headmister has business talks outside the working hours ie: after dinner.
Which means, he has less and less time for his family, he is seldom at home. ]

Itu baru pemimpin sekolah (headmister), inikan pula ahli politik/ pemimpin negara!

Jadi, saya ingin nasihatkan di sini, dalam politik, tidak kiralah politik dalam kelas, sekolah, pejabat atau negara, yang paling utama ialah:
NIAT. Apabila niat anda salah, anda boleh jadi berdosa.

Saya harap, pemimpin negara akan lebih berhati-hati apabila memegang jawatan sebagai seorang pemimpin.
Dan kepada anak-anak dan para isteri seorang ahli perniagaan slash pemimpin slash itu dan ini, harap bersabar dan memahami dengan kesibukan mereka.

I am not ready to become the woman behind a pemimpin masyarakat yet. I am not ready to share my husband with the society yet.
Biarlah setakat ini, berkongsi dengan keluarga dan Tuhan.

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