Thursday, January 10, 2008


Teacher apologises for tapping girls’ cheeks

KUCHING: A teacher had to apologise to two students for tapping their cheeks with a diary when they turned up at their former school without wearing their headscarf (tudung).

He was cautioned for his action and was advised to be tactful when discharging his duties as the school's disciplinary teacher.

The students, Nadya Islyanna Othman and her friend Taqwatul Zaffrinie, both 17, claimed that they were slapped with a diary by the discipline teacher for turning up at their former school without their headscarf on Tuesday.

The two girls, together with Nadya's father, Othman Maidin, 48, lodged a report at the Kuching police headquarters at 11.30am the same day.

However, the matter was settled amicably after the students' parents accepted the teacher's apology at a four-and-a-half-hour meeting yesterday.

At the meeting which was also attended by school principal Hasanah Junaidi, state Education disciplinary officer Georgina Apphia Ngau and several officials from the state Education Department, it was found that the teacher had only tapped the two girls on the cheeks with a diary.

State Education deputy director Mortadza Alop said there was no criminal intention in the actions of the teacher, who had acted in good faith.

Othman told the New Straits Times that he accepted the teacher's apology and understood his duty as a disciplinary teacher.


My comment:

Stupid father and stupid students.

1- This is a small matter, you don't have to go to the newspaper/ police to tell the world your daughter was 'tapped'.

2- The students should learn how to respect the school. Bodoh. Sengaja cari pasal.

3- Biaselah...Budak kampung yang baru nak kenal dunia memang rebel tak tentu pasal macam tu...Tambah pula ada bapak memanjakan anaknya...

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