Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The tastebud.

You taste:
- sweet things with the tip of your tounge
- salty foods are tasted mainly at the front of the tounge
- sour taste buds sit at the edges
- bitter tastes are at the back of the tounge.

Semen doesn't just contain sperm, but fluids secreted by several glands during ejaculation.
During sexual arousal, and close to the point of climax, semen travels from the epididymis through a tube called the vas deferens. Here, it picks up a fluid rich in fructose - a sugary substance that acts a bit like rocket fuel.
Other fluids kick in along the way to the urethra (the tube that runs the length of the penis). This comes from the prostate gland, the Cowper's glands and the seminal vesicles. Some secretions are designed to neutralise acids (such as urine traces in the urethra), others provide vital enzymes).
The finished product contains approximately just 10% sperm. The rest consists of enzymes, vitamin C, calcium, protein, sodium, zinc, citric acid and fructose sugar.

A joke I read somewhere:

Woman: Professor, if the semen contains sugar, why doesn't it taste sweet?

The class broke into laughters.
The professor thought about it for a while.

Professor: Well, that's because you don't taste it with the tip of your tounge, but at the back of your throat!



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