Sunday, January 27, 2008

I can't cook.

I will be much happier if I knew my way around the kitchen.
No matter how much I try to follow the recipe, it won't turn out good as it is supposed to be!
I'm so sad, my boyfriend is a better cook than me!

Maybe I am not good in cooking, but I'm good in baking! Or so I thought...

I tried to bake kek jagung. The freshly baked cake tasted okay, I thought it was a success attempt! Before letting others to taste it, before distributing it among friends (yes, I actually wanted to celebrate my so-called successs dengan penuh perasan), I let it cool down first.

After it cooled down, it was very hard! Hard like...Not as a rock, but I don't know, it was hard and yucky!

Riwayatnya ditamatkan dalam tong sampah.

My boyfriend always encourages me to practice to polish my skills.

But why can't anybody understand I simply CANNOT cook!
I can cook for myself but that's because I don't mind to eat tasteless cookings and I couldn't bear the thought of letting others to have a taste on my meals. It is not this nor that, it is recently invented by moi, and it is too plain.

The irony thing is, my mother is a housewife and why oh why I didn't possess the her talent? Yes, to me, cooking is a talent. She could have opened a restaurant if she wanted to. She single-handedly did all the foods for our raya open house. My mother is a superwoman, I tell you! And our open house is not the small-small type, siap ada khemah bagai! Tapi itu zaman dulu-dulu la...Masa father was still working...Now, they don't bother to maintain good relationships with their 'friends' who only seek for Father when in troubles, and time finally gets to them. Mother doesn't enjoy cooking anymore, she wants to rest. She always says, "Dari zaman kamu semua sekolah, sampai sekarang anak kamu pulak sekolah, Mother juga yang kena masak! Mother sudah penat!" lalu dia pergi mogok tak mahu masak. "Pandai-pandailah cari makan sendiri," she said.

The boyfriend pula, is very natural in the kitchen. The thing is, he likes to cook in big portion. Siapa kena paksa habiskan? Moi. Siapa yang bakal gemuk? Moi juga. (Tapi memang sedap pun, I don't mind pun...Hehe)

I hope my future mother-in-low won't be bothered too much about me lacking cooking skills.

I could tolong-tolong potong sayur and basuh pinggan!
I potong sayur very halus, I swear. Seriously. Tak percaya, boleh tengok sendiri.

Remember my boyfriend's company is sponsoring a soccer team?
Last night, the team players received new jerseys.
Eh, bukan hari tu baru bagi jersey ke?
"Ni yang lain punya...Biar bagi diorang semangat sikit main bola."
Amboi-amboi, tak lama lagi kena bagi kasut bola pula ke...
"Haaa...Malam tadi, diorang dah request dah pun! Siap request nak pergi bercuti dekat mana tah kalau menang!"

Amboi-amboi mereka ni! Pijak kepala nampak!

"One of them saw I was writing an SMS to you," my boyfriend told me.
"Dia cakap: Guna English dengan girlfriend?" he continued his story.
"I dalam hati cakap: Eh, eh, dia ingat girlfriend kita ni kerja kilang ke!" he finished his story at that.

"You ni...Dekat luar merendah diri, tapi dalam hati, berlagak gile!" I teased him.

"Tak apa...Asalkan orang tak tahu...Hahaha..." he defended himself.


Irregularities said...

Boyfren ko baguz la. Cayalah!

the ectopy said...

you pun bagus juga :)