Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Once, in Istanbul, Turkey, father, mother, my sister and I were stucked in an elevator.
They began panicking but I started to laugh.
Father scolded me for laughing.

'Lighten up, we are not going to die in the lift!' I thought.
I was mad at him for being so serious. Chill la...Why can't he see the humour in that situation?

Sure enough, a few minutes after that, the elevator began to work again.

no head, no heart, no hurry, no hate, no fun, no muss, no city, no state,
no card, no kid, no call, no kiss, no book, no bread, no hit, no miss,
no tears, no laugh, no love, no sin, no hand to put my handshake in
no header, no footer, no girl, no boy, no good, no better, no touch, no toy

there is only air
where i used to care

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