Saturday, January 19, 2008


I know someone who was married to a hotel owner.
It makes me wonder what's the chance of me meeting and marrying one. It sure sounds like fun!

Bila pikir-pikir balik, tak mahulah...Hotel mana yang tak jual arak...Nak ke suami terlibat dengan alcohol?

My friend told me to be engaged is a very difficult time. She and many people believe it.

So, they are a few guys approaching her even though they know she is engaged and she is quite tempted and at the same time, clueless on what to do.

Okay, I admit, I am no angel but I can preach like an ustazah when I feel like it, especially when it comes to giving advice to my friends. And this friend of mine has a good Islamic foundation, so, it is easier to put things into perspective.

Her: Macam mana kita nak tahu, siapa sebenarnya jodoh kita. Mana tahu, Tuhan nak tunjuk yang dialah jodoh sebenarnya I, bukannya tunang I...Sebab itulah dia datang sebelum I kahwin...
Me: Memanglah kita tak tahu, tapi at least you have to fight for your relationship, you have to resist all temptations...Kalau dah buat semua tu, tapi hati masih ragu-ragu, barulah boleh nak putus tunang. You jugak yang cakap, bertunang ni banyak cabaran, masa ni lah Tuhan banyak bagi ujian.
Her: Tapi, bukan I yang cari lelaki tu, dia yang cari I!
Me: Kalau dia lelaki yang baik, dia takkan ganggu pertunangan you. Islam kan dah cakap...
Her: Betul...Tapi kalau nak bandingkan dia dengan tunang I sekarang, dia jauh lebih baik, dari segi career...Even ilmu agama dia pun lagi tinggi.
Me: Tak semestinya orang yang banyak tahu ilmu agama tu, orang yang baik...Contohnya macam *Hafiz. *Iza tu pun, nampak je alim, tapi banyak menyakitkan hati orang lain...
Her: Kalau betul-betul dia baik macam mana?
Me: Tanyalah dia, kalau bersungguh-sungguh nak dekat you, dia sanggup tak nak nikah terus dengan you?
Her: I rasa, dia okay aje. Dia mampu. Kenapa?
Me: Kadang-kadang, lelaki ni suka saje-saje...Memanglah dia mampu, tapi dia sanggup tak? Then, you compare with your fiance. If you ask him to marry you next week, will he do it? Mesti dia sanggup kan...You kata you nak tahu siapa jodoh you...Bila dah kahwin, lelaki tuh la jodoh you...


bangkai said...


I think I know 2 hotels that don't serve liquor

Ayer Keroh Country Resort, Melaka
Puteri Pan Pacific, JB

I think they are owned by the relevant state's Islamic council, o something like that

- guile - said...

hrmm... i think you should marry someone based on love. with true love, nothing can withstand it. when you are deeply in love with someone and excited to be with that person and eager to spend the rests of your life with that person, during engagement, if anyone comes and give you his/her love, you can resist because your love is stronger to the person you're engaged to. unless, it's not then you'd know la. anyway, waktu bertunang is for you to get to know your partner. but susah jugak to get know especially zaman sekarang nie. the best would be solat istikharah. then follow your heart.

the ectopy said...

bangkai, i know there are those kinds of hotels but the owners are definitely taken...hehehe...

guile, good point jugak. i believe in that kind of love too, but you know, nowadays, we are too engorsed to find the prefect couple because we dont want the reputations to go down. asalkan perfect di mata orang