Saturday, August 30, 2008

still unsettled.

My niece is too sweet. I watched the Disney Channel with her and saw an ad on Mamee (Monster).

I told her I longed for a packet. She said, "Ye? Dekat sekolah saya ada jual banyak!"
I pretended to gasp, "Ye? Kenapa tak belikan untuk Auntie?"

The next day, she knocked on my door and hopped on my bed, "Auntie, untuk Auntie".

I was so shocked because I had totally forgotten about it and I didn't expect her to buy one for me just because I felt like eating it.

And she bought only one, one for me, because she had just enough money to buy me one, 30 sen! (Plus, she is not a fan anyway.)

Have you ever watched this Halls ad?

My niece and I love the ad so much, everytime it is aired on TV, we would hug each other really tight and say, "Piciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" or "Squeeeeeeeze" until we are out of breathe.

We do it when we feel like it too, a spur of a moment thing.

It's fun. Sometimes ticklish. We never fail to laugh afterwards.

The niece also asked me how to know when a girl has reached her puberty. I told her, there will be blood.
"And....?" she asked. Then you take wear a pad for about a week.

"But my friend you'd have tummy ache too," she said.
"That only happens sometimes, to some people".

I gave her time for her to explain more about why she was suddenly asking me about this but she didn't say anything, so I asked her why the curiosity.

She said, "I had a tummy ache at school today and my friends thought I was going to have my period".
I just had to laugh at this one.

Kids nowadays mature early, she's only in standard 3 and she and her friends are already talking about menstruation. I didn't know what period was when I was 9!

The next day, I read an article in the newspaper that the average age of puberty for today's generation is 10 for girls. It used to be 12.5 a decade ago!

The thing about me crying in my dream has become a joke. I've reached my fourth time a few days ago and my boyfriend had his first experience two days ago, which made us go, "What the hell is wrong with us! $^%*#%*"

A month ago, my friends and I were going to have a small get-together and one of them, invited his friends along too.

Before his friends (two ladies) agreed, they asked him who will be there, so my friend told them it was gonna be me and our friends.

One of the ladies then replied to him, "Oh, kalau macam tu, tak boleh lah cakap guna 'kau' 'aku', kena guna 'I' 'you'".



Love and Memories said...

embarrassing fact : i was curious about the pad when i was a little girl. i thought u stick the thing straight to the skin down there. hehehe... after my curiosity was done, i tried to take it off but it hurts like @#$%^&* !!!

i had my period when i was 15. =.=

content said...

love and memories,

i belum pernah period lagi. u think i should be worried now?

p/s: cute kan my question? :)

the ectopy said...

love and memories: i still dont get it how our mothers used to tie the pads around the waist! how ah, how???

content: kalau perempuan, you dah dikira mandul. nasib baik you laki.