Monday, August 25, 2008

sleeping and dreaming.

Yesterday, I woke up in tears.

I dreamt I was in a car with my boyfriend driving. He was fasting (he was fasting in real life too, yesterday) and he said he was very hungry.

We were in KL, he was feeling very drowsy and he nearly ran into a girl!

So, I took over the driver seat while the car was moving. I drove in gear 1 all the way to my parents' house (it was nearer to where we were, by the way) because it was not easy to change the gear while you had someone who passed out on your shoulders!

I brought him upstairs and I let him rest in the hall.

When Maghrib came, I woke him up for iftar. He washed his face in the bathroom in my room and performed his prayer afterwards. While he was praying, I used the toilet to refresh myself.

Suddenly, Mother came into my room and she was very mad because I brought a guy into my room (although my boyfriend was praying at that time). I tried to defend myself but my parents kept accusing us of something we did nothing wrong of, so I broke into tears.

I woke up crying.

For the past two weeks, I have been crying in my dreams and waking up crying as well for three times already! This is not normal. The total number of me actually waking up crying is 7 at the most, for the entire years I've been living. So, three times of this incident in just two weeks is definitely not normal for me.

Any meaning behind this?

Maybe I should start seeing a psychologist.

Am I subconsciously unhappy?

I don't know where I heard this before, but there is a theory saying we let out our emotions while sleeping because that's the state when we let our guards down. So, our repressed thinking/ behaviour is being released while sleeping to lift off the burden of stress. That's why sleeping adequately is important and good for our health. Most of the time, we feel refreshed after a good sleep due to this stress-relieving effect.

Most people think we lose consciousness when we sleep, that we have no control whatsoever on our bodies when we sleep. This is not true. Sleeping is a semi-conscious state which explains why we don't fall out of the bed easily when we sleep. We retain some conciousness of our surroundings and we definitely have some control over our movement even though we may not aware of it.

That's why hypnosis, or simply even playing the recorded lecture tapes while sleeping, works.

You could use the same approach to naughty children- Fathers could wait until they are sleeping and recite the Quran or Doa, then put your thumb between eyebrows and blow softly on them and InsyaAllah, they will be more disciplined afterwards.

Have a nice sleep, everyone!


Pel said...

When i was with my ex bf dat my family didnt approve, i selalu mimpi kena marah w my family members and waking up in tears. Teresak esak.

Hmm.. I guess d theory regarding our emotion during sleep is true.

but i still remember i woke up giggling in my sleep few weeks ago. Its dat mean im truly happy? Hehe.

qahina said...

i don't think ur dreams bring significant reminders of some sort - but of late you were worried about ur parents' reaction towards your BF and his slow "proposal" so whatever that were got accumulated in ur sub conscious - looks like you are one rare species with heightened awareness of your surroundings - I can see that thru ur writings which is wonderful to note. But it does get in the way especially when you're emotionally involved with certain matters - what other person could just brush off you'd feel 7 times over! :O)
Don't worry - just keep on asking Him for guidance. I'm sure everything is alright with you.

the ectopy said...

And I thought I was really okay :)

green apple said...

tak settle lagi ke the issue?