Friday, August 22, 2008

a stranger's kindness.

I like scandals...

Anyway, I have four true stories today! (in chronological order.)

When I was 14 or 15, my bestfriend and I went swimming at a public pool. But on that day, we couldn't get anyone to pick us up.

It was around 4pm, we decided to start walking. The pool was quite far from the main road and it was definitely far from our homes! Our plan was to walk to the main road and maybe take a cab from there.

A few minutes after we walked, a car stopped and offered us a ride. We knew we shouldn't talk to strangers but we were desperate. The walk to the main road was not only far, but we had to pass a quiet area which was pretty dangerous too.

Anyway, we accepted his offer. He told us he saw us swimming and we were actually in the same pool. We didn't notice him though. He said he was a cameraman for some local dramas.

I remember feeling anxious and nervous. We told the driver to stop at the shops quite far from our houses (because we thought it was dangerous to let a stranger know where your house is).

He dropped us and we said thank you.

Now, how many of us would invite strangers or even kids into your car?

After that experience, I told myself I would invite school children who walk under the hot sun or under the rain and send them home safe and sound after I obtain my driving license.

But so far, I haven't done it yet because I never see children in need! Mana ada budak jalan kaki sekarang, semua naik kereta, paling tidak pun, orang gaji datang ambil...

One day, my friends were hanging out at a shopping mall when they saw a child, about 5 0r 6 years old, crying. He said he was lost. He came to the mall with his brother and my friends and the boy couldn't find him. "Do you know your home address?" my friends asked. The boy nodded.

So, my friends hailed a cab and went to his house. They were charged RM4 for the ride and it was pretty expensive for us in those days.

My friends knocked on the door and a boy, about 18 or 19 years old (we were 16) opened the door. My friends explained to him the situation- that they found his brother crying and alone at the mall.

All the boy said was, "Okay" and pushed the boy inside.


Lepas tu, my friends went home la. Nak buat apa lagi.

A few years back, I was approached by a foreigner. She spoke very little English but she tried very hard to explain to me her situation.

Basically, she was desperate and already had been stranded for more than 24 hours. She needed money and lucky her, I had enough cash to lend to her.

I don't know what got into me but I completely trusted her. About RM1000 of cash was given, I even sent her to her sister's apartment. I gave her my number because I expected my money to be returned. She was supposed to arrange a meeting with me to give me back my money as promised.

That night before I went to bed, I realised what a fool I had been. I should have taken something valuable from her, such as her ID, just in case. To make myself feel better, I prepared myself if she didn't try to get in touch with me- It was just money, redha sajalah...

Thank God, the very next day, she did give me a call. She kept her promise and I didn't suffer any loss at all. In fact, I felt quite good for helping her out.

I reminded my boyfriend not to sit next to a girl in the plane.

After he settled a couple hours later, he called and said, "Don't worry, honey," he sat next to two German male tourists.

The German tourists were on his way to Perhentian Island. After the plane landed, they asked him how to get to the town but my boyfriend said, "Nevermind, let me send you there".

I told my boyfriend he should have brought them to try the local dish first before sending them to the hotel. "And how come these Germans were not afraid of you?" My boyfriend answer was simple, "Perompak tak naik kapal terbang".

Now everybody, I would like us all be friendly and helpful Malaysians!


Miss aiza said...

hai ectopy...suke baca blog nie.

valisaiskandar said...

hahaha perompak tak naik kapal terbang? Some perompak tidur hotel 5 stars lagi babe!
A friend of mine works for Genting at the casino. When he reached senior level, he get to see the security tapes and he told us you can see some very slick professional pick pocketer in action. On a good weekend, some of these pick pocketers can make hundreds of thousands of ringgit - they can get 100-200 purses/wallets a day - i.e school holidays and festive seasons.
Usually the security ppl will go and ransack their rooms and take back the wallets/purse etc and kick them out of the hotels. Most of these criminals are foreigners and they actually do this for a living.