Saturday, August 9, 2008

propose to me.

I told my boyfriend about this Dahlie's surprise proposal. Actually, I always tell my boyfriend about the proposals that I know of just to drop hints to him that I really want one too (I think he already gets it by now, kalau blur lagi, memang dasar otak lembab!). I carefully told him that he cannot duplicate any of the proposals that I've told him about, he has to come up with his own creativity to surprise me.

Anyway, I ended the story about Dahlie's proposal with, "Auuwww...Sweeeeeet kan?"

To his defence, he immediately said, "Sorrylah, sayang. I tak romantik...I memang tak romantik...But I gave you __(insert fancy gifts in the blank)__ kan?"

I was bewildered, "What? Those gifts are just gifts! I cannot tell other people about them!"

"Why not?" he asked.

"Sebab nanti orang cakap I ni berlagak dapat fancy gifts from you! But kalau you romantic, I can brag all I want, I can share my happiness with my friends. Other people can always top your fancy gifts, it's not like you gave me a car or something...Besides, kasih sayang you untuk I kan 'tidak ternilai' harganya!"

He agreed.

I'm surprised he didn't think of it earlier. I wanna give him a smack in the head.

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