Tuesday, August 12, 2008

nyamuk mati.

Puas hati dapat bunuh 13 nyamuk dalam satu malam! (Actually, 14 mosquitoes, but I dropped the evidence and I couldn't find it)
I was being quite reasonable, you know. I killed one and gently put it on the palm of my right hand, hoping the others would see it and stop sucking out my blood. But no...These mosquitoes were dumb, they still wanted me, so I killed them all by clapping my hands together.
I am proud because I did not use any Ridsect or Fumakilla that are harmful to the environment.
I usually just pushed them away because I didn't have the heart to kill them. I kept thinking, what if I was a mosquito and someone just slapped me dead? But I couldn't stand it anymore after nights of becoming the victim of these little creatures, God, forgive me!
This makes me look like a weird, lonely girl who is obsessed with dead mosquitoes.
I am not weird. Tonight is just one of those nights when you just explode.