Saturday, August 9, 2008


"I am quite sure your parents will reject my parents' proposal if I sent them to your house," said my boyfriend a few weeks ago. "Malu parents I nanti," he continued.

Although it is possible, I want him to put a little bit more faith that this will work out in the end.

Last night, we were arguing. I told him what most people think about us. He said, "Why are your friends so negative?"

"No, my friends are not negative, you are!"

"I am not being negative at all," he told me.

"You are. You said you were sure my parents would never accept you. How do you know? You are not putting enough effort into this. You, coward!"

He denied he was a coward and explained the reasons why he thought and behaved that way. Finally, he said he has full confidence that my parents simply cannot reject him.

Deep inside my heart, I wish it was true, I wish I could believe him 100%.

You know, I read a blog and she wrote something like this, "There are three true happiness in our life, the day we were born, the day we get married and the day we die."
Hmm...That sounds weird, you'd be happy when you die? I probably got the wrong quote. Ah, but the quote went something like that lah!

Anyway, she wrote, "I told my parents, I cannot get to choose how or when I was born and Allah will decide on my death. So, let me have my own wedding, the way I want it to be."

Maybe I should tell my parents that.

Or do like my friend did. She told her father, "Tanggungjawab seorang ayah ialah menikahkan anak perempuannya apabila sudah sampai masanya!"
But I don't think I have the heart to say that to Father.
Nak kena tembak?

Maybe, I am the coward here.

Or perhaps I should tell my parents about the article I read in Utusan Online, something about it's more wajib to use the money for children's marriages, than to use it for Hajj because Hajj is compulsory for only those who could afford it.
It's irrelevant in my case because my parents already performed their Hajj before I even reached puberty.

Anyway, speaking of Hajj, a friend told me about a contest for Malaysian Muslims and the prizes were fully sponsored Umrahs. All you needed to do is complete a slogan.
One woman sent in her contest form with a slogan, "Saya mahu pergi menunaikan Umrah di Mekah kerana...saya mahu berdoa di depan Kaabah agar anak saya tidak jadi berkahwin dengan perempuan pilihan hatinya."

She won. Ini merupakan cerita dari mulut ke mulut so I don't know the authenticity of this story. If this really happened; Hey, she won!

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