Saturday, August 16, 2008

undilah saya.

Early in the morning one day, my boyfriend gave me a call and asked me to wish him good luck because according to him, "Hari ni I bertanding".

I thought he wasn't serious, probably referring 'I bertanding' as 'my team bertanding' but after he quickly explained that he was really competing, I was shocked.

I knew he was pretty busy lately with the campaign and all but I had absolutely no idea he was competing for a post. He was always telling me he was the backbone for his friends for business opportunities, never the frontman. Nevertheless, I gave him my full support, advised him to study his opponent/s and restrained further questions (like why wasn't I informed about this earlier?) because I didn't want to stress him.

Later that night, he called me up to tell me he won.

He also told me that the situation got heated that police had to be on the watch. The funny thing was, the police got into the wrong place.

The mini election was held in a balai raya. A nearby house was having kenduri arwah. Police came to the house instead and caused a stir because the people in the house thought the police wanted to arrest them for illegal/ underground Islamic movement such as Al-Arqam or Ayah Pin's Sky Kingdom!

My boyfriend even received a threat from his opponent. His opponent came up to him and said directly to his face, "Competing against me is like committing suicide".

"See, that's why I don't want you to be involved in politics. I fear for your safety. You might be killed or thrown into the jail, it's a dangerous world!" I said.
"Politics take so much time. It's endless. And you have to this for the right reason, you have to do this for the people. You jangan buat ni dengan niat yang salah," I continued to say.

My boyfriend said he was doing for the people because the previous man (who threatened my boyfriend) was an opportunist and he is selfish and unhelpful. There was this old guy wanting just a signature from him but he refused to sign it causing the old man.....I forgot the rest of the story. Probably about his son or money for his son's education or something like that.

The conversation was cut short because his friend informed him that the people in the team were now fighting for the positions of their choice.

"I thought you guys already discussed who's who," I voiced out what I knew.

"Memang sudah...Entah kenapa nak rombak semula. Memang betullah cakap you, main politik ni pening kepala. Dah menang pun gaduh lagi!" he said before hanging up the phone.

Father is so gonna flipped when he finds out about my boyfriend's activities. He hates politicians.

I was having a conversation with my boyfriend on the phone and the line was not very clear.

"You buka tingkap kereta ke? Kenapa you buka tingkap? I tak dengar lah apa you cakap..." I complained.

"Tak apalah...Senang sikit I nak angkat tangan kalau jumpa orang kampung...Hehehehe..."

Hahahahaha. Ade ke orang nak Tok Wakil perasan macam ni?

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