Saturday, August 2, 2008


At the company my boyfriend is working at, most of the workers are poor construction workers (tukang/ buruh).

Just now, my boyfriend left his mobile phone at home because he went for a jog. He returned home to see seven missed calls from a 'tukang'. Soon, his friend called him to tell him one of the tukangs is desperate.

The tukang is a relatively young guy, recently married and has a three-month-old child. For a few months already, this tukang always requets extra money claiming his baby is sick.

So, my boyfriend told him to go to a panel clinic. He was then referred to a hospital and the baby is diagnosed with leukaemia.

He called just now to tell my boyfriend that he has no money left. He can't even afford to buy food for him and his wife.

My boyfriend and his friend paid them a visit at the hospital to give them some money and food. They wanted to know the condition of the baby and how much would it cost for the medical treatment but there was no doctor around during that time.

I nearly cried when I found out about it.

Looking on the bright side, babies with cancers usually have good prognosis.

My boyfriend sometimes tells me funny stories about the tukangs.

One of the tukangs is an elderly man. He does not need to work because he is rich enough, but him being the type who could not stay still, decides to work at the company as a tukang.

His wife sells jewelries.

One day, my boyfriend visited the tukang at his house and met his wife.

"Wah...Akak jual barang kemas ye? Banyaknya barang kemas akak...Berapa ni?" my boyfriend asked when he saw the wife wearing all sorts of jewelries on her.

"Oh, yang ini RM12 000, yang ini RM 3000..." she said, explaining one by one.

The jewelries she wore were RM150 000 in total.

"Wah, RM150 000! Akak tak simpan dalam bank ke?" my boyfriend asked.

"Buat apa simpan dalam bank, akak nak pakai semua ni..." she said.


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