Saturday, August 16, 2008

the best medicine for my broken heart.

I was really upset yesterday, too upset that I needed to wear my shades to cover my red eyes, looking down most of the time while having late lunch with my boyfriend. If I wore a black scarf, I'd look like one of those women attending Syariah Court.

My boyfriend tried very hard to cheer me up. He caused it and he knew how stubborn and egoistic I can be. He finally decided to just shut up and let me be upset.

After a few moments, he said, "You tau tak, isteri kawan I gemuk gila. Kawan I tu kurus saja, macam I," showing his little finger.

I glared at him. He smiled and said, "Betul, sayang! Gemuk gila! Kalau dia naik motor dengan isteri dia, tak nampak langsung badan kawan I tu!"

At this point, I just burst into laughters. I found it so funny, funnier because I saw the eagerness in his facial expressions to tell this random topic to talk about while I was being upset. Like, why are you telling me this?

"Haaa...Senyum pun," he said in relief to see me smiling. I continued to eat my Swedish meal.

He watched me eat. Suddenly, he continued his story, "Lepas tu, sayang, kawan I cerita, kalau kawan I gaduh dengan isteri dia, kawan I cakap, 'You ni dah lah gemok! Habis pancit tayar motor aku!'".

I laughed.

"Lepas tu, isteri dia pula jawab, 'Oh...Masa siang kau cakap aku gemok...Bila malam, kau cakap aku sexy!'"


I'm all better after that. No need mushiness to cheer this girl up. :)

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Nurul Haziqah said...

lawak jugak stori tu kan