Monday, August 18, 2008


Malin Kundang is Indonesian version equivalent to Malaysian Si Tanggang.

I watched a scene in an Indonesian drama series, about a bachelor in his 40s or 50s. His mother is very concerned about this and began to search for a suitable candidate to be his wife. He was unhappy about it.

Son: Saya tidak mahu ibu mencarikan jodoh untuk saya!
Mom: Kamu jangan derhaka sama ibu! Kamu mahu jadi seperti Malin Kundang? Aku akan sumpah kamu, tapi bukan jadi batu! Jadi sotong!
Son: Jika ibu sumpah saya jadi sotong, ibu itu akan jadi, ibunya kepada sotong!
Mom: (Make faces)

Hahahahaha. I am easily amused nowadays...

Aznil: Secretary tu apa?
Boy: Setiausaha.
Aznil: Setiausaha selalunya laki ke perempuan?
Boy: Perempuan.
Aznil: Kalau perempuan, kita panggil secretary, kalau lelaki kita panggil apa?
Boy: (Silence)
Aznil: Kalau lelaki, kita panggil se-cu-ri-ty!

Hahahahaha. Yeap, easily amused!

(Johny Depp: Sudah tua tapi tetap tampan, wow!)

Soon after MTV Awards was aired ages ago, my boyfriend kept talking how stylish Johny Depp was when he received the award, with his belt buckle at the side, not in the middle as it is traditionally worn.

We've never seen anyone wearing the belt like that in Malaysia yet.

A few days ago, he saw a Mat Salleh wearing his belt exactly like how Johny Depp had worn. In Malaysia.

So, if you guys see a Malay guy in his mid-30s wearing his belt with the buckle at the side, you know who he is. Please don't laugh at him if he looks ridiculous/ weird, I know he is not as good-looking as Johny Depp, but I sure hope he could pull it off.

Although I am glad to have someone who dressed appropriately, but sometimes, it disturbs me to have a fashion-forward boyfriend.

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aniq said...

hi ectopy - i chanced across ur blog and saw u've linked mine in your deserved reads...he he ..thanks! appreciate that a smart gal like you have taste (aahh..puji diri sendiri!)
anyway, i've moved mine to
thanks for ur support and i hope my blog keeps you amused..apart from a 'fashion-forward' boyfriend! harks..anyway, better to have those type than one who wears pagoda shirt all the time, u know what i mean? Good luck girl. Yours is one great read as well. I'm proud to chance upon yours.
(two thumbs up!)