Wednesday, September 3, 2008

to forget complications...

I like the new Tiffany & Co. collection, Tiffany Notes, especially this one (shown below). It's not too expensive, if you don't mind spending RM 500+ on a sterling silver. I tried on two, this and another one, (I cannot find its picture in the official website though), something similar, a heart-shape pendant, engraved with 'Tiffany Dreams'.

My boyfriend said the latter looked nicer on me, which contradicted my preferance, this one below.

Did you notice the necklace knot? It's designed that way.

Me, being me, I like to spend my money wisely. The price should reflex its complexity (or is it complexicity?) and the item must be unique so others could not replicate it easily.

I really hate it when I see something similar to what I already have, much cheaper than what I paid. I'd feel like scolding myself even after a sale, "You, fool! If you waited a little while longer, you wouldn't need to waste so much money on this thing!"

And, I'd rather spend my money on something long-lasting like a watch or a piece of jewelry.

See, I am complicated.

That's why I like this piece of jewelry. In my opinion, it's unique, I've never seen anything similar to it and for some reason, I really like the idea of an address on a pendant. The idea is fresh and new. And I like the font too. And the curvature of the plate.

Since my boyfriend and I are a couple of complicated people...Wait, let me rephrase it, since my boyfriend and I are in a complex relationship, we both love Frank Muller's Master of Complications.

I especially like the Secret Hours collection. The watch always shows it's 12 o'clock. "So how do you tell the time then?" we asked the sale assistant. Simply press the dial on the left and it will show you the actual time.


The price is RM 80k ++ after 35% discount. (If anyone interested, check out the shop next to Salvatore Ferragamo in Pavillion)

The Crazy Hours however, is more popular and affordable (relatively) retailing at RM 20k ++.

"Siapa orang famous pakai Frank Muller?" my boyfriend asked.
"Frank Muller tiada ambassador tapi banyak orang pakai. David Beckham pun pakai. Artis pun banyak beli," the sale assistant explained in his Chinese accent.
"Oh, artis beli? Artis mana?" I was curious too. Which Malaysian celebrity bought and wears a Frank Muller?
"Artis Hong Kong," he replied.

Mati-mati I ingat artis Malaysia yang kaya raya tu!

So, we have decided, my boyfriend's dream watch is a Frank Muller's Crazy Hours while mine is a watch from Chopard's Happy Diamond.


The names of Frank Muller's collections are interesting: Secret Hours, Crazy Hours, Colour Dreams...
Then, we walked away from the shop and arrived at Gucci and saw Gucci's new collection's big ad on the window store- Hysteria.

Bagai nak gila jadinya!

We didn't buy any of the items featured in this post. Hanya mampu pandang, admire, dan cuba-cuba tengok how it looks and feels like wearing them. It felt good.

I was nominated by dazzledalie for Brilliante Weblog Premio- 2008 (whatever that is). Thank you for the nomination and then...? I'm not sure what to do next. Anyway, my blog is not brilliant, I was nominated just because (as quoted from dazzledalie):

1) I frequently update
2) A few selected posts published in this blog are interesting. Only a few! Some! Not all!

Okay, I'm offended and embarassed! Haha! Why did you nominate my blog even though this blog doesn't fit the criteria of a brilliante weblog!

I'm turning a simple statement into a complicated one. Sorry. Told you:
a) I'm complex
b) I like to complicate things
c) I like complex situations
d) all of the above

You choose.

P/S: Just kidding. Thank you for the nomination. :)


content said...

Halim, berikan saya huruf "d"...

the ectopy said...

well, my dear, you didn't choose well. :)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi ectopy,

Dropping by via qahina's blog.

You and I have similar likings in nice things like Tiffany and Frank Muller. The former ok..can afford lah some of its items. But the latter kena fikir 2-3 times before I can even contemplate to purchase it.