Saturday, September 13, 2008

cabaran bulan ramadhan.

I am no longer interested in Malaysian current news, I decide to be an ignorant bitch.

Anyway, after I heard what happened to F, I just can't understand why is the world cruel.

F found a video of her husband, having sex with another woman, and she is married too!

I wrote about F some time ago. Yes, F's husband's infidelity is no secret to us, but this time, it has gone too far.

F called the woman in the in the video and asked her to leave her husband and she threatened her to send the video to the Kementerian Pelajaran (that woman is a teacher) if she doesn't do as what she had been told to.

"Betapa besarnya dosa seorang isteri yang berzina, sehinggakan Allah memberi keizinan pada suami- tidak berdosa jika suami membunuh isterinya dan lelaki tersebut."

F thinks a child would fix the problem.
I think, there must be a reason God is not making her pregnant.
Run now before your child becomes a victim of neglect/ abuse!

If I were F, I would have asked for a divorce before I become crazy.
F and her 'but divorce is the most hated halal thing in the eye of God! I will try to avoid it and save this marriage no matter what'...

I respect that, but Girl, you've given your 'no matter what'.
I am advising her to go for marriage counselling.
If her husband makes no effort to turn up at the sessions, it's clear he has no intention to be married to F.

I hope she knows how special she is, that's why she is tested by God and I pray she will receive a big reward in Heaven. Keep on having faith, my dear.


O my love said...

O dunia!

coops said...

OMG, i can only wish F the best.. she must be very strong to have gone ths far to protect her marriage :) send my warmest regards to her, will ya.

gravtkills said...

ouch! to find out is hurtful enuf but to see it on video? poor thing.