Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i smile

I flipped through my niece's book and saw disturbing drawings:



Kissing. Birds?

Kissing. Mice? Perhaps they are eating spaghetti.

Fashionable Red Indian?


Design a jacket.

Having sex? Phew, false alarm. I was about to get a heart attack there. Both boy and girl are chained to be forced to kiss each other as punishment. With a cruel someone laughing at them.

Kissing. People?

Design a dress. Boobs!

Boobs are supposed to fit in there, I guess.

Boobs. Fill up those cups!

Finally. A good school girl image. I was getting worried just now.


Haha! Too cute.

Kids nowadays...Darjah satu, dua, tiga dah pandai lukis sexual stuff. They watch too much anime. I was not like this at all! I was embarassed even to draw sexy-looking ladies!

A pair of nice, leather heels, which initial price was RM2000+, now reduced to RM800 only, are now being sold at Calvin Klein, Pavillion.

Sadly, I still can't bring myself to fork out RM800 just for a pair of shoes.


gravtkills said...

are the drawings copyrighted?

DigitalPix88 said...

i just cant stop smiling looking at those imaginative sketches :)

Valisa said...

wow so cute!!!!

O my love said...

belum lagi yang secondary.

pedang celah kangkang la. tetek gemuk2 la. macam macam la.

amir fififudin said...

gella ah baek punya hasil