Thursday, September 4, 2008

evil thong

The last person who e-mailed me regarding with the G-string post I did some time ago, was last week. Some of them wanted to 'berkenalan' and exchange photos. Sorry, you guys, I don't entertain strange requests from strange strangers.

Anyway, here's a Q&A on Sex in Cleo September 2008 issue.

'While there have been no studies that have proven the connection between wearing thongs and UTI (urinary tract infection) or yeast infections but incidentally, some gynaecologists have reported that an increasing number of thong wearers suffer from recurrent urinary tract and vaginal infections.
For the most part, they think that a thong could be a conduit for bacteria.
Since a thong is a long and close-fitting strip of fabric, it can easily pick up faecal matter and bacteria from the anus, and if the thong moves, can carry the matter forward to the vagina and urinary tract.
One gynaecologist likened a thong to a subway car transporting bacteria from the rectum to the vagina.
UTIs and some types of vaginitis (although not yeast infections) are caused by bacteria, often from faecal matter.
And perhaps that's why t hongs are to blame.'

See...More reason not to wear thongs.

And not to to be involved in anal sex.

No matter how clean you think your rectum is, there is always shit in there! Don't believe me? Wear a latex glove and insert your finger in your rectum and see and smell and taste yourself lah.
Just accept the fact, people, God created the rectum not for sex.

And stop those dirty fantasies to try anal sex. Vagina lagi best sebab boleh kemut-kemut.

Tips: The best kegeal is by sneezing while you are being penetrated, it guarantees maximum satisfaction for your partner (I read this in a magazine and haven't tried it myself. But I believe this is true. Logic what!). Just one problem, how do you force yourself to sneeze? While having sex?

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