Saturday, September 22, 2007


The ex still hasn't replied my e-mail yet, I guess he is not going to, it has been more than a week of silence.


I haven't even told him about how happy I am with my new man! The last e-mail I sent to him was very brief, about how I want to be married but have to postpone the plan due to some unavoidable circumstances.

I want him to know the details, like what he did to me when he was getting married!

Well, the wife probably found out about the e-mail exchange and make him swear not to reply my e-mail...But, it feels good anyway!

Oohh...And happy fasting to all Jewish out there.

Jewish friend: We are tougher than you...
Me: What do you mean?
Jewish friend: Because, we fast for 25hours straight!
Me: Yeah, but we fast for one month.
Jewish friend: But that's nothing, I always skip my breakfast and lunch...
Me: You'll be sleeping when you fast. We couldn't sleep more than half-day, or our fast wouldn't be counted.
Jewish friend: But you get up in the morning to eat before you fast.
Me: That's for preparation. Even a glass of water would do, and it's not even compulsary. You too could eat before you fast!

I dreamt just now. In my dream, mother was asking whether I am still seeing my boyfriend. Mother was calmer than usual (calmer than she would be in reality when talking about my relationship with my boyfriend) so I tried to explain things to her. I cannot remember whether I cried in the dream.

As the conversation went, I got angry and sad. I acted like a spoilt child, saying things like:
"Mak kejam! Kejam!"
"I wish you were not my mother!"

I woke up. Why did I utter such horrible things to mother in my dream? Do I really hate her, subconciously?

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