Monday, September 3, 2007

i need to tell him but i can't! at least, not yet. but when?

Dear boyfriend,

I am sorry. I love you sooo much. So, so much. But sometimes, in this life, we cannot get the things/ persons we love. I hope you know, how devastated I am, how broken my heart is. I cannot marry you. Mother said she will never forgive me if I marry you.

With lots of love,
*sobbing uncontrollably*


dazzledalie said...

hey there ectopy.

please be strong. i feel sorry for you, and myself.

dalam hal ni, we must remember, ini semua kan jodoh. pray hard to God, mintak diberikan petunjuk, and just follow your heart. kalau berusaha, usaha tak cukup; maybe jodoh tak sampai.

kalau usaha, tapi tak dapat juga, itu tak ada jodoh namanya.

perempuan kalau buang famili sendiri nanti susah akhirnya. pentingkan ibu bapa. baru diri sendiri then bf. i hope u will find your way.

maaflah, pjg sgt pulak.

do take care. maybe we don't know each other, but you can count me as a friend ok. peace!

the ectopy said...

tak ape...thanx for understanding. betul, tak boley buang keluarga. i'd rather sacrifice myself and my boyfriend than sacrificing my whole family for it.

at least less people will be hurt that way.

kyrss said...


felt sorry for yr boyfriend..