Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My ex-boyfriend replied my e-mail stating:

- He holds no grudge against me
- He bought a new car
- His wife drives his old car
- He gets two months bonus this year
- His wife just got transferred so they are no longer living separately
- There is still no sign of his wife getting pregnant

I told my boyfriend about his e-mail.

Bf: Why is he telling you about his new car?
Me: I don't know.
Bf: Eleh, setakat kereta tu pun nak bagitau ke? Kereta I lagi hebat...
Me: Memang pun...
Bf: And why is he telling you about the bonus?
Me: Mana I tahu!
Bf: Dah setahun kahwin tak ada anak lagi?
Me: Well...Diorang kan jauh...Lepas ni pregnant la tu...
Bf: You jangan nak contact-contact dia lagi...I risau ni...
Me: I tak reply pun e-mail dia...
Bf: Nanti kita kahwin, you bagitau dia okay...I really, really love you. You jangan buat I jealous.
Me: I love you too. You jangan risau okay...Dia kan suami orang, I pun dah nak kahwin dengan you...You lagi best! I nak you je, tanak dia...

I feel so relieved after I read his e-mail. Why?

Because I don't feel anything! I don't feel sad that he is not mine. I don't imagine how my life would be like if he was with me. I don't feel excited to reply his e-mail.

Now I know for sure that I've moved on!

I am happy because of that. Really, really happy! Happy that I have found someone that I am happy with.

I am going to reply his e-mail next week or the week after. I don't want to become the third party, just in case.

P/S: My boyfriend does not know I initiated the contact. Don't tell him. He probably doesn't understand why I need this assurance.

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