Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm still not addicted to Facebook. I guess I'm not hip and happening enough. Or simply because I have no time and no life!

Chris: She's pregnant again.
J: Really?
Chris: Second child...
J: Same father?
Chris: I don't know.
J: Doesn't she use protection while having sex? Why doesn't she go for an abortion? Oh, wait, it's illegal in your country.
Chris: Yes.
J: Is it illegal in your country too? (Question directed to Mus)
Mus: Yes, it's illegal in my country.
J: Any chance it is going to be legal soon?
Mus: No.
Chris: But, what if, the mother's child is in danger?
Mus: Then, of course, in certain circumstances, it is allowed. But, people still do it anyway...
J: What do you think? Should it be legal or not?
Mus: I don't support abortion.
J: But why? What about those children in China? If there's noone to take care of them, why have them in the first place?
Mus: There are always adoptions and orphanages!
J: But what if they are abused and not properly fed. They have nowehere to go, homeless, they don't get proper education...
Mus: But, there must be some good coming out from them!
J: Yeah, I guess...But...
Mus: Besides, at least they are alive!
J: But, we could have helped them from the abuse.
Mus: Come on...How many are they actually being abused? Who are you to say death is better than living?

Conversation stopped when the superior entered the room to start the meeting.

Chris is a Christian girl.
J is a Jewish guy from Canada.
Mus is a Muslim from Malaysia (me!).

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