Saturday, September 8, 2007


Because things were so tensed at home, mother and father decided to write two letters to me.

It is probably the best thing to do, since we would end up shouting if we communicate verbally anyway. This is why I avoid talking to them about the matter. I guess they were trying to reach me because they felt bad and guilty seeing me so hurt.

I didn't read the letters. Until one week later.

I can't remember exactly the content of each letter, but what I know is, I couldn't read them one more time. The facts are wrong. I cried to sleep after reading father's accusations.

Father means well, but he doesn't want me to get involved with someone who, in his eyes, is not my match.
So wrong.

Mother, on the other hand, in the letter said, she doesn't mind if I continue being 'friends' with him as long as I don't take things seriously.

However, I am a bit glad when she said, "Mak sedar yang mak selalu marahi kamu tapi itu bukannya mak tak sayang kamu. Maafkan mak ya..."
Mother realizes the mean things she had said to me and she apologoizes!

I forgive you.

Please forgive me too.

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