Saturday, February 2, 2008

hints of light

My blog is about everything, basically about my life, which is a very wide scope... I think I should narrow it down. Talk about fashion maybe? My relationship? My past is quite interesting too...I'd like to remember those times...


My relationship.

Mother asked me about my boyfriend. "Are you still with him?" My answer was affirmative.
"Serious dengan dia?"
"Yes," firm.
"What exactly does he do?" Mother asked, again.
It's either she sincerely didn't remember, or, she refused to believe what he does for a living.
I give her the answer, again.
"Betullah...Kenapa tak percaya?"
"Orang negeri tu banyak yang kuat tipu...Mother tahulah..."
"Mother ni...Tak semua orang negeri tu suka menipu..."
"Mother bagi nasihat je..."
"Orang dah jumpa kawan-kawan dia...Parents dia...Semua okay...Takkan semua pun tipu..."
"Tapi...Emm...Ah, takpe lah. Kita cakap pasal hal ni lain kali. Nanti awak tu tak boleh nak tidur pulak. It is going to be a big and busy week. Awak concentrate dulu dekat kerja."

We talked about my sister who is applying to do practical.

"Of couse dia tak nak pergi that part of Johor! Ulu!" I laughed.
What surprised me was Mother's comeback, "Eleh, cakap orang. Awak tu kalau kahwin dia, tak tinggal hulu juga?"
I was happy by the time I heard this. "If I married him"? Mother is finally opening up! There is a possibility my boyfriend will be accepted in this family!
"Eh, kite KL la..." I continued to laugh.

After I excused myself, I quickly updated my boyfriend about what Mother had said.

I don't want to be too happy. Mother might had not meant it but she said it subconciously anyway...That means something positive! We are keeping our fingers crossed!

My past.

Young and naive at 16, a classmate smacked my behind while I was passing him.
We were of the same crowd, pretty close friends, always teasing each other, it seemed a usual thing to me. I thought we were just playing and goofing around.
Do you know how I reacted to that?
I laughed.
I was so innocent, I didn't know it was degrading to have somebody spank you like that!
Hormonal, horny boys...
And do you know how my boyfriend reacted when I told him that?
"Memang bontot you besar pun! Kecik-kecik pun dah besar ke?"
"You patutnya marah ada orang raba I okay!"
"Okay, okay, I marah. Bodoh, gatal punya laki! Kalau I classmate you masa tu, I dah pukul dia!"
That cracked me up.

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