Saturday, February 16, 2008

Make a choice

Question 1

Which one would you rather be?

1) good in many things
2) excellent in one particular area

For example, would you rather
- know how to cook, how to play instruments, how to fix the computers, how to paint etc
- become an expertise in photography, successful, and you are famous for your skill, plus, you enjoy what you do and you make good money out of it

The next questions are from

Question 2
Who do you think will suffer more, a child who loses his/her parents or the other way around?

Question 3
Who do you think will suffer more, a wife who loses her husband or the other way around?

Will comment on it later when I have the time.

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- guile - said...

wow.. quite a choice to be made. let me answer this before i put a comment that i'm tagging u.

so here's my answers:-

excellent in all areas.. but wait.. i'm only a human. alas! i'd better be the good in many things coz it helps to achieve more in this crazy world.

parents who lose their child/children.

well, this depends on situation. in a situation where the man is really an ass*ole (ada i tell you, i have a friend in this situation), then the wife would suffer. but, in a different situation, the man would suffer more. susah nak cakap menda menda macam nie. it goes long way back to the history of both.