Thursday, February 7, 2008


My friend celebrated her birthday by getting herself wasted in the club with some friends.
My boyfriend, however, suspected I drank too, he made me swear Lillah to him. Sheesh...Paranoid.

Then, I made him swear too. Haha! This is so juvenile, making each other swear to God!

I have a friend. When she was 23, she promised herself she would try everything! Alcohol, cannabis, you name it. I wonder if she finally found the guts to do them all.

Saya tak berani.

Oh, that reminds me of Father. When Father was young and naive and masih di jalan kesesatan, he even ate tiger's meat! He regretted it now. At one time, he repeatedly told us how foolish he was when he was younger. He was a bad, bad boy.

Anyway, one guy told me, I can't really sure whether he was drunk or not at that time, (and you know, drunk people are generally honest) sometimes, when he masturbated, he inserted his finger into the number-two (lubang jubur lah) to arouse himself. But he didn't like it when the doctor did it to him for a medical check-up.
I asked him, "Tak sakit ke?"
He said, "Nooo...Sedap! Tapi doktor buat sakit! You should try it."

GUYS, TELL ME, IS THAT A NORMAL THING TO DO? (I will consider it normal if that person was gay, but he's not)

I don't watch porn, so, I don't really know how men masturbate. But I am pretty sure they don't go poking around holes in their bodies, right? Right?

But, in case it is indeed a normal thing to do, hey, that's another knowledge added to my blue area of my brain...

I can't imagine putting my fingers into my rectum! That's disgusting. That's how doctors check for your poo!


penyangak said...

yaw, they say inside there is the man's g-spot. i would try it myself at least once (or 20 times) if i could reach my own anus hole.

the ectopy said...

ey, why cant you reach your anus? short hands kah?
men are weird creatures...

penyangak said...

well i can reach my anus, maybe not enough reachance to reach the male g-spot tho wherever it really is. ave u seen road trip when the nurse inserts her fingers into the dude's ass and the dude cums instantly. well.

the ectopy said...

hahahaha! thats funny. yeah, ive seen road trip. my friend made me watch it before we went touring europe

bangkai said...

Nobody is coming near my rectum - me included!