Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gifts for men

My boyfriend does not celebrate Valentine's Day due to his belief. (Hehe, the way I said this sounded as if we are of different religions!)
However, I constantly browse the Internet for gift ideas because I honestly suck at buying gifts for men and I like to give presents just because I feel like it. Gifts for men are limited and expensive. Besides, I like my gifts to be memorable and unique.

I might opt for customized book cupon (eg: five kiss cupons, 10 hug cupons, one romantic dinner cupon, 3 massage cupons), but that idea is too juvenile.

So, these are the gifts I think my boyfriend will like:

1) Jimi Wallet.
I think this wallet is cool. It is made from recycled materials and it is relatively cheap!
Great if he's a minimalist. My boyfriend does not have a credit card (principle: I prefer cash), so, this is useful and definitely for him!
I might buy it for myself...USD15.

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2) NikeID shoes:
Customized Nike shoes. If you are an artist, you could create your own beautiful shoes! A personal touch from you to your man...You could even put your/ man's name for extra customization!
Do it online. Price starts at Euro100 (that's about RM500).
I tried to customize a pair of shoes, but they don't look too nice. So, no picture.

3) Lacoste Retro Fit Polo.
Perfect if your man has yummy body! My boyfriend will like this but he already has too many shirts. It is USD75.

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4) The StressEraser.
My boyfriend is stressed over his work especially from January to mid-year. This product would be perfect for him, but it is too expensive. I might buy it if we were married (and use his money to buy that, haha!)
Price starts USD300.

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5) Digital Photo Frame.
Oh my God, I am in love with it. The cheapest I could find is USD60, but it is small. Price increases as the frame gets bigger, duh!

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5) Cuff links.
But the ones that I think my boyfriend will like is expensive. I don't want to pay hundreds of ringgit for a pair of tiny pieces!

6) Love tokens.
It is kinda of my Love Cupon idea, but this is less juvenile. Stylish even!
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7) Reversible leather wallet.
This is cool. USD22.
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8) A romantic dinner in KL! Recommended ideas are here and here.

Okay, I run out of ideas.

I will seriously consider the two wallets, the polo shirt (oops, I forgot he has too many of them) and the digital picture frame for his office! Ah, and the romantic dinner is a must!


coops said...

i love the digital photo frame. sooo cool! can u buy me one, hehe.

the ectopy said...

im still searching for a cheap one. i might ask a friend from japan to buy it for me, but she said she never heard about it before!