Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Men cannot multitask, that's a fact, but I refuse to believe it.

When my boyfriend is busy, all his attention goes to his work, neglecting poor little me.

After several days without having a proper conversation with him, I decided to give him a call early in the morning before work.

"Hello," I greeted him. "You are going to work already?"
"A ah. Hari ni ade site visit pukul 9.30."
"You ni...Kenapa tak call I? You tak kesah pun pasal I! You tak tanya pun how was my day!" I was beginning to feel irritated. I've been giving him all the spaces he needed for last few days, how much more should I put up with him and his work?
"Bila pula I tak tanya? I ade SMS you kan..." his defence was weak.
I was trying to remain calm, "Fine, I nak buat appointment dengan you. Bila you free?"

"Hmm...Nak buat appointment? Boleh, boleh...Tapi I tak sure bila I free. Nanti Abang check. I'll get back to you soon, okay?"

Can you believe this guy! How dare he didn't get my sarcasm! How dare he didn't prioritize me as his girlfriend over his work!

I took a couple of breathes before shouting at him,
"Girlfriend sendiri pun kena buat appointment dengan you ke bila nak cakap, ha!"

Now, tell me, how many male partners in this world who are as clueless as my boyfriend? He speaks all the wrong things. Why can't he be a sweet-talker like other guys out there? He is over the age of 30, for God's bloody sake! He should've known better.

When I confronted him about this, he apologized profusely and said his mind was somewhere else, he didn't know where it came from (Why can't men multitask!). His excuse was, he was putting on his socks, on the way to start his car engine. This answer made me even more mad because this means I wasn't significant enough to him for him to listen to. How can he top an answer like that? Tuh lah, banyak sangat alasan, kan dah terdiam.

Don't mess with a woman like me who has many solid alibis to make you cripple.


I guess, I should be grateful that this guy is not a sweet-talker. I've had enough of them, they are a lot worse than clueless. At least, clueless guys are generally honest, no?

We are fine now. But I still cannot believe he didn't get my sarcasm. Rasa nak cekik-cekik, pijak-pijak dia je...

Boyfriend said, "Ganaslah you ni! Kalau ganas in bed tak pe jugak."

Sheesh, ketuk kepala baru tau!


- guile - said...

welcome! that's the being we call man.

penyekgek said...

u are asking too much of him, he needs to put u down wimmin

the ectopy said...

too much, penyangak? hahaha...typical man la you ni! nak kena ketuk kepala jugak ni...you are supposed to defend me!!!!

penynggek said...

brosss over hoessss dudeeeee fucken Aaaaaayyee