Friday, February 15, 2008

cerita orang kampung

My boyfriend is a pet-lover although he is allergic to fur. He has birds, a cat (which he just adopted when he found it wondering alone in the pasar) and chickens. Long time ago, he even had other mammals but he decided to sell them because they were getting big and he was getting busy.

Yesterday, my boyfriend entered his room and found an egg on his bed.

Hens nowadays are so spoilt, bertelur pun dekat tempat selesa!

Pandai pulak tu find its way to the room through the window and left the room after doing the business.

I finally told my boyfriend about the existance of this blog but I refuse to give him the blog address. We agreed to respect each other's privacy. However, he knows the contents of this blog are mostly about my unspoken, forbidden words in the real world. I explained to him that I need a place to speak my feelings, to be someone I couldn't be out there because I need to take care of so many hearts out there.

The company my boyfriend is working for hosted a big event a few weeks ago. They asked for 4 or 5 poor, single mothers in the kampung for the ceremony, but the person in charge found 18. The company gave the deserved ones RM50 (or was it RM30, I can't remember) and kain, and the rest received clothes.

Those who received kain only are those whose sons and daughters are engineers, accountants and such. I think it's only fair, don't you?

But, one person in the kampung started to spread rumours about my boyfriend and his friends. He said they are conmen because they promised money but money was only given to certain people. He even claimed some of the workers (eg: tukang pasang khemah) was not paid for their jobs.

This 40+ year-old man was in charge for tents and kerusi meja, tong sampah semua, but he just sat around, he didn't even instruct his orang bawahan to do the work he was paid for. My boyfriend and his two friends end up doing all his work such as
- tolak tong sampah besar
- pemandu van
- susun kerusi
all the above and more in baju batik on the day of the ceremony itself.

This man even went around the village telling them that the event was hosted by a political party. The company's bosses are unhappy, which is totally understandable. They hosted the event in conjunction with the Muslim New Year but are accused to have an association with a political party.

Now, how do you handle a senior man like this, who comes from the same kampung as you, and all the villagers now have a bad impression on you? You know how a kampung works, people come to your house and putar belit cerita. Paling kesian my boyfriend's parents who has to put up with all this nonsense. Sabar je lah!

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