Tuesday, February 12, 2008

B and B

As much as we all hate busy-bodies, we are blessed if there is one in our circle, the kind who asks questions we fear to ask.

Take my friend, Mona* for example. She was the one who asked Husin* whether he was gay.

When Fahmi* was not on speaking terms with his then girlfriend and he clearly avoided the topic at all cost, Mona* couldn't hide her curiosity. In front of everybody, she asked, "Kenapa tak celebrate birthday Mona? Gaduh eh?"
Others watched her in horror, afraid Fahmi* would get temperemental about it.
Surprise, surprise, he calmly said, "A ah, ada problem sikit."
All were glad Fahmi* was opening up because we were all wondering about him and his then girlfriend. And you know how we, humans, function, we just couldn't resist juicy gossips.

After the incident, we went back and spread the news about Mona*, the Busybody. But, we all came to an agreement, Mona* can be useful! Especially when it comes to do dirty works like that. Plus points if we didn't even have to ask her to do her detective work.

But, a boastful colleague is never a blessing. What good can come out from this type of person anyway, I can't think of any.

After knowing Anuar* for four years, I detected his boasting passion early. I learn to accept the attitude as a part of him. He's genuine about his boastfulness, or he wouldn't brag 24-7, right? No, I don't hate him. I treat him as an amusement.

Some of the topics he had bragged about are: how he bought a super expensive handbag for his mother, the how many times he had travelled first class on his flights from KL to Heathrow, the American Express he uses, his Indonesian friend who is so rich, "Rumah dia besar gila, lagi besar dari rumah aku!" as quoted from him.

Everybody knows boastful Anuar*. Most knows it is part of the package, but they can't tolerate him.

Just like the female version of Anuar*, Putri*.

The difference is, Putri* only brags when she wants to. Meaning, she does it on purpose, she is aware of it, and boy when she does it, she does it to annoy.

I don't what's with all the bragging about travelling first class. When Putri* had to fly in Economy class, she made everybody know she wasn't comfortable. She even sounded fake when she 'Ooh aah, the TV is so small'. The food sucked, the seat sucked, everything sucked because Your Highness had to slip one step down to be with the commoners in the Economy class. The person who suffered the most was my other friend who sat besides her to Japan.

Putri* is also an opinionated person. "How can you live in the room that small?" she stood indisbelief when she was visiting my friend. Well, dear, not everybody has a rich father like yours who pays for your RM1500 monthly rent.

But nobody could top Reza*. Although the last time I met him was when I was in college many, many years ago, I could still remember how cocky he was back then. Driving a coupe to college, boasting about how he was expelled from another college because he punched the lecturer, how he burnt his Armani suits given by his then girlfriend because his then girlfriend threw away the RM2000 mobile phone he gave to her, oh, and how can I forget when he bragged he was caught by JAIS with a female friend and all he had to do is pay him RM3000, and his father paid the fine for the friend too. All these came from his mouth in less than two hours!

I am guilty as charge, for I too, brag. But, I only brag when I feel challenged or when I am mad with someone that I just need to verbalise my good qualities before that someone crushes my self-esteem. I defend myself by saying I do it because it is a necessity, a survival instinct.

Suddenly, I realize there are many bad words starting with the letter B. Busy body, boastful, bad, bragging, berlagak, bongok, bodoh, babi, berak, busuk, bodoh, blur, benci...


- guile - said...

ahahahha.... i have to second you on that! i can add to your B listing. i used these 3 oftenly : buduh, bangang, bongok, baghal, bitch, bugger, bastard.. err... did i say 3 just now? opppss!

penyengek said...

beruk, brangok, bongong, bangkong, binawe, bahana, britney spears, brengsek, bghekmukmung, brrrrrat, buck buck buck, booyakasha, bebel etc et c et ecetc

the ectopy said...

P pun banyak bad words jugak...hihihihi...dont get me started...

Anonymous said...

i found out that you seem very fond of talking abt your bf. at some point bragging. u say he's good, hints that he has lotsa money, sponsor sane sini, and even tells everyone his excuse for not buying you a house.

isnt that borderline bragging?

even when u try to talk bad abt him...you try to brag abt him little bit here and there. like he's bad cos he can't spend time but thats because he's doing charity blabla sponsor jersey belanja makan.

so actually instead of making people think ur bf is not spending time with you...u wnat ppl to think that he has a heart made of gold..

aa..aint that sweet?

i know girls like you. ive been living with the girls like you. the type who wouldnt talk anything bad abt their bfs cos they seem to think their bfs are so so so perfect. tak realistic. and the type of girls willing to put behind the family for the sake of love.

chill girl. i had this friend, bercinta 9 tahun..bapak threatened nak disown kalau kawin jugak. and she didnt. cos if you cant even get ur priorities right before kawin..imgine how you would treat ur family lepas kawin?

the ectopy said...

My priority is always my family. But I don't find anything wrong in wanting more, in wanting all of them together, at the same time.

What makes you think that if Father doesn't like him now, he won't like my boyfriend forever? I have faith and hope, and I pray often that one day, they will get along. I believe there is a reason by the Lord behind all these. I believe this is just one of the challenges God gives to every single person in this world, just mine in the form of marriage.

Other people who get married easily, don't necessarily have happy endings, and those who find it difficult to find their fathers' blessings in marriage, don't necessarily mean our partners are not destined for us.

Why do you compare myself to the 'girls you've lived with'? You don't know me, how can you be so sure I am like them? I think it is wrong to generalize and stereo-type a certain group of people.

"Imagine how you would treat your family lepas kahwin?" I am offended by this statement. I don't know how my future is going to be like, but are you implying I am going to treat them bad?

I hope you don't jump into conclusions just by reading my blog. I am a whole lot more than portrayed here. I never intended to sound borderline bragging.

In this blog, I am anonymous and I am trying to stay real and true to my feelings. I admit some of my thoughts are not the purest, but don't we all have our evil sides? Not necessarily by these kind of thoughts we are bad, because they are just thoughts, we don't act it out.

Same goes when I was mad with my boyfriend about the 'house', I don't go tell the whole world because I know even though my intention is to tell about the 'house', some might think I am bragging. That's why I chose to write about it here. And I thought, by writing about it in my blog, the intention would be clearer because I could think before I put things into words, I thought I could channel my emotions without being judged. I thought, since my blog was new and (is still) not popular, not many people will read it, so it is safe for me to write about it. I'm sorry, but I guess, I thought wrong.

I am sorry if I sounded bragging in this blog, but please don't accuse me as a person who loves to brag in real life too, maybe it is my weakness, maybe I don't know how else I should say, "my boyfriend is busy because he is out with his team, belanja mereka makan supper". Blame it on bad composition.

I can't control how you interpret my writings but everybody is entitled to have his own opinions.

But I really don't understand why I can't love my boyfriend for his 'heart made of gold'. I didn't WANT to make people think my boyfriend is kind-hearted, I believe you don't have to tell people whether someone is kind-hearted, sooner or later, it will show by itself. It was an innocent post telling what boyfriend did, for him IS a major part of my life.

If I really was trying to tell my boyfriend is so perfect to everybody, I would have done so long, long time ago, making my parents accept him because "He is so noble, mother, father, he is doing a charity work. Don't believe me? Come, I'll bring you guys to the event".

But I did not. Even my boyfriend asks me to keep it low. But in this blog, I am unidentified, so, I don't find it a problem to talk good about my boyfriend. Just because I don't talk bad about my boyfriend, that doesn't mean he is so so so perfect. I know he is not perfect, but I choose to accept his flaws. I know, there are times in this blog I've said he is perfect, but what I really meant was: He is perfect for me.

If you read my posts properly, I am being realistic. I am torn between my family and my boyfriend, I love them both very much and I wish I wouldn't have to choose. That's why right now, I am still trying to balance both my family and my boyfriend.
Kalau tak realistic, horny menggatal nak kahwin, dah lama kahwin lari dekat Golok, senang, tak payah susah susah ikut hukum hakam pergi cari tempat bermastautin, kan? Tak payah susah susah consult ustadz kan? Bayar saja dengan duit, dah boleh buat seks halal.

Probably, you want to give an advice for me, and I really, really appreciate it and I am sorry if I have misinterpreted your comment and become very emotional on this matter. Thank you anyway.