Friday, June 29, 2007


My parents are reluctant with me marrying my boyfriend soon. To them, I am still young and I need to widen my candidates so I'd choose the best one.

I don't feel young.

They still love my ex-boyfriend, perhaps. Because there would be no problem at all if I were to marry my ex.

I probably will secretly get married next year. Or sooner. Hmm...

We can't go on like this, hugging and kissing like there are no heaven and hell. I want our relationship to be right and blessed.

Yes, a secret marriage would be our last resort.

I always put my parents first, I do not want to end up like those girls who elope and leave their families behind. (Although, I am not planning to elope, just secretly married).

And my decision to get married to this man isn't made promptly. I am not marrying for the sole purpose of wanting to have sex. I want him. I need him. Why can't I have him?

Why is marriage so wrong for me in my parents' point of views?


Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

If a blessed relationship is what u’re looking for, dun think secretly married will do u good also... ;S I’m sure u're wiser than that... ;P

Cosmic_GurL said...

Who do your parents love your ex so much?

the ectopy said...

xoxo: blessed by God. i dont want to keep on meeting bf-gf. it is better to get married than do sins. sometimes, i wish my parents were more conservative.

cosmic_gurl: lets just say the ex is sweet and is born the type all parents like.