Thursday, June 14, 2007

Losing weight 2

The first time I was concerned about my weight was...when I was 16.

Family members, friends and even teachers (yes! Teachers!) began to notice how chubby my cheeks had became.

After getting their remarks, everything I owned seemed to appear smaller. Pants were tighter.

I blamed my puberty. I was a late bloomer, that's why I changed rapidly, from a ruler-shaped girl to a pear-shaped lady.

Another problem was, I am the kind who finishes everything on my plate. I do not waste food. Therefore, the only solution to this was NOT TO EAT ANYTHING AT ALL.

So, I did not eat for more than 24 hours. I only drank water. After 24 hours, I felt so weak, I ate an apple to supply energy to my body.

I did not tell anybody because I knew they would stop me.

Yes, I was the 16-year-old who desperately need want to lose weight.

I knew I couldn't lose weight overnight, but I was so sick of people talking about my weight. I probably wanted to punish these people and myself. If I fainted, everybody would worry about me and after finding out the reason of why I fainted, they would stop commenting about my weight and I would be happier.

I was not even that fat. Because I was skinny and I gained weight in a few months, I was relatively fatter than usual.

And they could use other words other than 'gemuk'! How about chubby, 'berisi' or etc etc. Gemuk/ fat is BMI over 25 okay! I was under the underweight category, then gained weight to be in the normal range, and they called me fat!

Anyway, after that 24 hours of straving and not fainting, I was disappointed and I decided not to give a damn about how my body look like. I took small steps like fasting and reducing the amount of food I put on my plates (because I just have to finish everything on my plate, you see, so, less food on my plate means less calories intake).

Now, I am happy of the way I am, and I will not care what people say about my body.

Isn't it funny, they have so much time observing my body, don't they have anything else to do?

When my niece was seven years old, she refused to eat rice. She only eat things she likes. One day, my mother was feeding her, but she kept watching the TV, ignoring my mother.

"Why don't you want to eat? Are you on a diet?" I jokingly asked my niece.

To my surprise, she said, "Yes, I am on a diet".

"Why are you dieting?"

Her exact words were, "Semua orang perempuan kena diet!"

I was bewildered, "No! Only fat people need to go on a diet. And you are not fat! Do you hear me? You are not fat!"

My friend is into sports and she takes good care of herself.

She eats based on what she should eat for the day (the things you would find at the back of the food package- the recommended daily intakes).

The typical things she says are:

- I need to finish this because I have only eaten 800 calories today.
- No, thank you. I have consumed all my calories for the day.

She is weird. I pity her because she gets the 'rolled-eyes' all the time.


Cosmic_GurL said...

Heya, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Your niece is 7 years old and she's dieting??? Good gosh! Kecik2 lagi dah pandai diet. Just make sure she doesnt overdo it ya

Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

Hmm...we dont live while you can!! eheh thats what i do... ! ;P

the ectopy said...

paling tak suke: masak

masak lama-lama, tapi mkn a few minutes je hbs

Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

thehehe i pun tak ske masak...tapi i suuuke makan! ;P